Slabway Massage Chair Review

slabway shiatsu massage chair

If you’re looking to buy a new massage chair, then you will find a huge range of products online and available nowadays. Obviously they vary is quality, price and reputation. Slabway is a brand of chair that preforms well in all of these key categories. But what is it about Slabways’ massage technology and home massage products that appeals to so many people? In this informative guide we are going to take a look at this brand in detail, and show you what you can expect from this brand and their products.

Slabway’s massage chairs in brief

Slabway’s front running massage chair has taken home massage therapy by storm, as it is a relatively low-cost version of a high-quality chair. There have been multiple positive reviews regarding it’s efficiency and, combined with it’s enticing price, make the Slabway a serious contender in today’s market. But what is it about Slabway and their in-house technology that makes it’s chairs such great value?

Firstly, Slabway has created a full body massage chair that is said to be able to provide a full Shiatsu experience to your whole body. That’s a bold claim but one many reviews affirm. 

The chair also comes with a built-in heating system to increase relaxation and pain relief. This also prolongs the effects of the massage for several hours after the fact as well as improving blood circulation. 

The main line Slabway massage chair is also a zero gravity chair. For those of you not aware of what zero gravity recline is, then simply put, zero gravity massage chairs recline their users to the point where their feet are elevated above their heart level. This position is called the neutral body and it causes your body weight to be distributed evenly, giving you a weightless “zero-gravity” experience. It has been proven to be extremely beneficial for blood circulation, improved relaxation, and further enhances the benefits of massages. For further information on the effects of zero gravity massage you should check out our full guide which can be found on this website.

When it comes to the facilitation of the massages themselves, the Slabway chair comes with high power vibration technology and massage balls/rollers with air pressure as standard (including 42 fatigue relieving airbags to massage the legs and feet).

Finally, the chair is fairly straightforward to program and requires minimal assembly, but more on that later. Now let’s look at how the Slabway massage chair has been received by the general public and experts alike.

How does the Slabway massage chair rate? 

Overall, the Slabway massage chair has received good reviews from buyers. The key selling point of the massage chair is that it is of excellent build and manufacturing quality, but yet is a fraction of the price of other comparable massage chairs with similar functions and techniques. So obviously this has be viewed as a major plus.

Moreover, Slabway occasionally holds sales rendering the massage chair even more affordable, and delivery is usually free depending on your location.

The main Slabway massage chair may well be the perfect purchase for someone who cannot afford a more expensive unit, but who still needs regular massages for pain and injuries or just general relaxation. It’s also preferable in terms of price and convenience than setting up appointments with qualified massage therapists.

Slabway also appears to be very invested in their customer service, and they guarantee that they will be easy to reach in the case of any issues regarding their chairs. So this is good to know as problems can occur as well as providing technical support for the product.

What is the weight limit on a Slabway massage chair? 

The maximum weight of a Slabway massage chair is about 330 lb. The chair itself weighs just over 70 lbs for reference.

Many standard massage chairs can only take up to around 300lbs in weight; however, it is important to note that there are plenty of massage chairs available on the market that are capable of taking much more in weight, and they are commonly found. Slabway happens to be one of the cheaper units that will take more pressure than the competitors in a similar price range.

On negative side, it is also important to remember that it is not just the weight that the chair can hold that is restrictive. The massage chair also has set dimensions that may not be suitable for everyone. 

In order to ensure that a massage chair is suitable for you, it is recommended that you take the time to try as many chair brands or styles as you can. Even if a given massage chair appears to be set at a good price point and is being sold by a reputable company with promising reviews, there is no guarantee that the chair will be the right one for you as an individual.

Different makes and models have different styles and comfort levels (not to mention features, programs and everything else in between). In order for your investment to be completely worthwhile, you need to make sure that the chair suits you completely beforehand. But don’t worry, another comforting option from Slabway is that they have a money-back guarantee on most of their products. This gives you the time to test your massage chair on your own before truly committing to it. However, do ensure that you are aware of the time frame for the return policy and that send back the chair and ask for a refund within this given time. 

It is also important to note that all Slabway massage chairs come with a one-year warranty on all of their parts. Worth knowing in case anything breaks down.

Where are the Slabway massage chairs manufactured? 

Slabway massage chairs are currently made in China.

In fact most massage chair brands, even the highest quality ones, are primarily manufactured in China. Although some would associate this with poorer quality chairs, many of the Chinese factories have proven to have state of the art technology and the means to make chairs of respectable quality.

The designs for Slabway massage chairs are finished in the US and are then sent to China for manufacturing, before being returned to the US to be sold. 

How do you assemble a Slabway massage chair? 

Even though, yes, Slabway massage chairs do require some assembly, you will be glad to know that they require very little. Usually Slabway massage chairs come mostly pre-assembled. You do not even have to build the chair itself; instead all you need to do is attach the top part of the chair with the bottom part until it clicks into place (in a similar way to that in which you attach removable chairs in cars).

After this stage simply follow the instructions regarding the elements that need connecting, but don’t forget to do it in the right order! Then you will be able to plug your Slabway massage chair in right away and use it as you please. 

Should you come across any difficulty assembling your massage chair simply contact the Slabway customer service, and they will be able to guide you through the installment process. They are very easy to reach and your chair will be ready to go in no time. 

Should you not wish to speak to a person, Slabway has also created an online tutorial video which shows how to set up their massage chairs step by step. 

Is Slabway a good brand to go with?

Generally, Slabway appears to be a great brand worthy of investing in. They have some of the best customer service reviews across the industry and the fact their chairs are so affordable is a huge bonus, especially given the standard of integrated technology that accompanies their chairs.

As always when you are investing in a new massage chair, be sure to carefully check the dimensions of the unit you’re buying, and consider the different features and facets you need. Wherever possible, it’s always a good idea to try a chair out in a showroom before you go ahead and buy it.



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