Real Relax Massage Chair 

Real Relax Massage Chair

Are you on the hunt for a fantastic new massage chair? As you can see from our wide range of buyer’s guides, there is a lot of choice out there. This article will focus on the Real Relax massage chairs and give you an insight into their machines, which may be just what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at the brand, their technology and everything that you need to know about them before you go ahead and buy.

Who is Real Relax?

Real Relax is a relatively new company in the massage chair industry, and they have recently begun to make quite the name for themselves in the market. The company is a Chinese brand that was founded in 2015. They currently have around ten massage chairs available on their website, all of which have been certified by the FDA, CE, ROHS, and US Patents.

Given that all their products have been patented, you can understand that the company does take their designs seriously and focus on constant innovation, creating ever-new and improved ideas for their massage chairs. 

Since the inception of the company, they have gained a reputation for themselves for producing innovative and high quality massage chairs at very reasonable and competitive prices. 

However there is one area in which they do lack in positive feedback, Real Relax has received mixed reviews when it comes to it’s customer service and it’s return policies. With this in mind, how much is this going to be a factor for a buyer of these products and it is even worth getting a Real Relax massage chair at all.

When you look into buying a massage chair, it is important to consider the support and care you will receive – not just the quality of the product. These chairs are expensive and the quality of therapy offered varies greatly depending on individual body types. How well they work with your body may not become apparent immediately and show open after an extended period of use so long time customer care is important. With all of this in mind, let’s take an honest look at how their massage lines perform in practice.

Are Real Relax massage chairs good? 

Generally speaking, Real Relax massage chairs offer reasonable therapy for their price – however they may not be up to the standards of some of the bigger, leading brands out there on the market today.

As was previously mentioned, these chairs have been stringently approved and regulated. The FDA approval is explicitly a sign of decent quality in design, however this does not necessarily make for a perfect product when put into practice. Upon further research it appears that Real Relax massage chairs have received largely split opinions and feedback, although some of the negative feedback may be a result of a young company still finding it’s feet in a highly competitive market.

The main reason for which people seem to be attracted to Real Relax massage chairs is due to the fact that they are so reasonably priced. Moreover most of the massage chairs are guaranteed for between one and three years, which is a reasonable amount of time for most customers to get to grips with their chair and decide whether it is suitable for their needs or not.

However, despite their innovation and general quality, the Real Relax massage chairs have seemed to have garnered a reputation to be lacking somewhat in the massage performance area, especially when compared to some of the bigger and established brands. Comfort wise they do seem to hit the mark, and they do appear to be durable and last the user for a long time. However if you are looking for a deep and relaxing massage, then Real Relax may not be the best option for you. There are plenty of other massage chairs at a similar price range that are reported to do a much better job in this particular area. 

That said, it all depends on what you are looking for in the massage chair experience. If you are mainly in the market for an economical model and don’t mind about receiving a slightly lesser performance experience, then a massage chair from Real Relax is likely not going to be a bad buy. If you are happy with softer, more general massages, then Real Relax will certainly suffice. However, if you need regular, deep massages for injuries, relaxation or general well being, then you would be better off looking at other options. 

Where are Real Relax massage chairs made? 

Real Relax massage chairs are made in China. 

Although some would assume that the massage chairs being made in China would be a sign of lower quality, when it comes to this industry, that really isn’t the case. Most massage chair brands have their chairs made in China due to their efficient factories and advanced, available technology. The competitive shipping costs to deliver from China make it an ideal base of distributing too.

It is actually very rare for massage chair brands to have their chairs made anywhere else but in China. Therefore, there is no real need for you to worry about a lack of quality in the market purely based on location.

What is the best Real Relax massage chair? 

When it comes to finding the best Real Relax massage chair, that depends entirely on your needs and wants for the long term.

Of course, given that the company has only been around for a handful of years, they do not have as many massage chairs as other established brands on the current market. They currently have about ten models available, each of which comes with their own features and qualities.

As you can imagine, their most recent massage chairs are the ones that are the most technologically advanced; however, that doesn’t necessarily make them the best for you. 

When it comes to finding the best massage chair for you, it doesn’t entirely depend on the company’s most recent releases. You may find yourself testing all of Real Relax’s available massage chairs, and may even enjoy using one of their older models. 

The best massage chair for you depends entirely on your needs. That includes the pressures that you require, the heating system (whether you require one or not), the settings that appeal to you (do you only want a back massage or do you require leg and arm massagers too, for instance) and added features (do you need Bluetooth, a touch screen display etc.).

Even if multiple massage chairs are from the same brand, that does not mean that all they work or even feel the same. So if on paper a massage chair has all the features that you are looking for, that does not necessarily mean that it will be comfortable for you.

The only way to determine whether a massage chair is right for you is by trying it out and trying out as many as possible. You need to be able to compare the massage chair to others in order to determine which one is best suited to your needs and comfort requirements, and even then problems made arise after several weeks of usage.

Now, whereas some companies have a lengthy return policy, the one offered from Real Relax is a little stricter. They require you to return unopened packages within 14 days of delivery. If the package has been opened, then the price for the shipping return is to be on the buyer to cover.

Reportedly they have also received mixed opinions with regard to customer service, meaning that not only may it be difficult for you to return your massage chair, it can also be difficult to actually communicate with a representative of the company about it. 

Are Real Relax massage chairs worth the investment? 

Given their price range, Real Relax can be worth the purchase if you are interested in having a decent massage on a budget, or if you’re new to the idea of home massage therapy and want something economical to begin with.

However, if you plan to use your massage chair very regularly and for deeper and more customizable massages, a Real Relax is not likely to be the best product on the market for you. 

Moreover, their return policy is very blurry and does not make it easy to try out their chairs and return them if they are not suitable or faulty. Many customers have also complained about their customer service, making returns even more complicated.

At the moment Real Relax still has a long way to go to become a great massage chair company, but it is suitable for those who plan to be just casual users of a comfortable massage chair.



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