Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT Review

Osaki OS-Hiro LT 3D Massage Chair

Are you considering the benefits of purchasing a groundbreaking 3D massage chair? If so then it is worth taking the time to look at some of the best options available from the most popular brands online right now – and trust us when we say, Osaki is one of the most impressive and reliable massage chair providers out there. You only have to take a look through our various guides and reviews on their products to see what we mean.

One of the most popular massage chairs available on the market right now is the Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT. This model has been proven to be one of the best-rated 3D massage chair systems of its kind – but why, exactly? And what does it have to offer you? Let us take a closer look at this machine and it’s key selling points.

What is the Osaki OS 3D LT?

The Osaki OS 3D LT is a superb massage chair for those seeking comfort coupled with some seriously high-tech features. It offers bespoke options to suit individual needs and even three color choices to suit your preferences and current room schemes.

The chair is marketed as an “intuitive” massage device, a by this it means that it is very simple program and easily tailors to your individual profile and massage requirements.

Osaki’s design team worked with leading engineers to add an inbuilt body scanner to this incredibly versatile machine, few massage chairs on the market today are so well-equipped. When it comes to the height of 3D massage technology, you will be hard pushed to find a comparable system in the market today.

What is a 3D massage?

A 3D massage, such as this featured with the Osaki OS 3D LT, is a customized option. It facilitates the complete massage experience by reaching areas some other massage chairs miss or not focus on enough.

Often, the regions of upper shoulders , and especially the upper neck, are excluded from the massages you get from mainstream chairs. But by careful configuration to match your individual shape and size, this massage chair literally has you covered.

Your first experience of a 3D massage on this chair, versus a non-3D massage, may come as a surprise. Depending on your individual requirements or particular aches and pains, with a 3D it is easy to focus on a specific area of our body.

For example, if your lower back aches, you may not immediately think about your neck or shoulders. Only if you compare a 3D massage with a standard massage will you truly appreciate the difference. If you are unsure about the advantage of this feature, don’t just take our word for it, it’s well worth trying a 3D massage at your local showroom wherever possible.

What are the main features of the Osaki OS 3D LT?

The most impressive feature of the Osaki OS 3D LT is, of course, the body scanning feature. The inbuilt computer conducts a full body scan, making significant adjustments to maximize your comfort and massage experience. Essentially, it learns about your body, so it knows how to better tailor your massage, it is really quite impressive!

There is also an inbuilt foot roller, again for added sensation, and this too isn’t always a standard feature on mainstream massage chairs.

A 3 core processor, for the technically-minded among you, enables the chair to respond quickly to commands. Transition from command to command is smooth and reliable, just as you’d expect from a top brand such as Osaki.

The 3D airbags on this model work brilliantly to enhance the massage action in accordance with multiple position sensors and again, the scanning function comes in handy here too.

Ever tried a zero gravity massage? Well this is one of the most prominent features of the Osaki OS 3D. The zero-G feature here adjusts and assists your position in preparation for the massage of your life. Take a look at our guide on zero gravity massage for more details.

A Bluetooth speaker and USB connector give you the opportunity to plug in a smartphone or other entertainment device while you settle in. Great news if you really want to chill out with your own music in the background and fully selectable during each massage.

Chromotherapy lighting is another advanced feature of this model, built into the headrest this nifty lighting function helps to further soothe you while you settle into your massage.

On top of all of these features, this massage chair also boasts almost silent, brushless motors – it is one of the quietest massage chairs you can buy at this price level.

Why might the Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT be the right choice for me?

The Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT may be the ideal massage chair for you if you are interested in acquiring a high quality multi function system that’s on the cutting edge of current innovation.

This particular chair is also notable for being super-flexible, giving you incredible authority over the exact massage you receive from experience to experience. The body scanner is a really worthwhile feature too.

Here are a few more points in which to think about if you are considering this massage chair.


The foot roller really comes into it’s own when talking about the reflexology of this unit. The kneading sensation that results from it is very relaxing. The inflation of the airbags performs a compression sensation on your calves and feet. With a 52 inch SL track that reaches from your neck to hamstrings, you should easily feel the tension ebb away.

As you relax, your blood circulation should improve which has proven positive effects on your bodies well being, and all this can take place as you listen to your favorite music or even an audiobook on the inbuilt speakers.

Space saving design

Osaki’s brilliant designers have done it again, and have created a cleverly constructed massage chair that easily reclines and retracts to help you save space. Few other models on the market do this so efficiently and this is a great feature for those with limited space..

By reclining the unit, the chair slides forwards in a seamless motion. This means that if you are positioning the chair in a small room, it need not be too far away from a wall. The portion of the chair supporting your lower body and legs travels forwards to temporarily occupy space in front. When the chair is switched off, it will return to an upright position allowing the floor space immediately in front of the chair to be usable once again.

Heating therapy

Without a doubt most users will enjoy the warmth and feel good factor of the heating function on this model of chair. The heat pads target the lumbar region of the body which makes for fantastic for pain relief, and a warm easing of those aches and strains. This heat assisted therapy has been proven to have a lasting effect on the body. This massage chair will leave you feeling relaxed for several hours after your massage. Happy customers don’t lie and you can read from the reviews that the prolonged effects are extremely well received.

Is it worth buying the Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT?

Overall, the Osaki OS 3D Hiro LT is considered to be one of the best massage chairs on offer from the brand right now. With pioneering 3D massage therapy, this model is considered one of the most feature-rich systems of its kind for the price. While it might be a premium price, it is likely to make you happy and pleased with the quality your purchase for many years to come.

As always, it’s important to do due diligence and take a look at the ins and outs of the various massage chairs on the market right now, before you go ahead and choose a brand and model for you. After all, at the prices charged a massage chair is always likely to be a big investment for you and the Osaki 3D Hiro is no different. Make sure to read up with our further guides and reviews for advice. Remember that, wherever possible, it’s a good idea to try before you buy, especially if you are not sure if you’ll even enjoy a massage chair and the kind of therapy it facilitates.



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