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Ogawa Massage Chair

With the multitude of massage chairs available on the market today, it can be quite overwhelming to find the right one for you. Each brand has its style, its own goals, and of course, its prices. In this article we are going to break down the pros and cons of the Ogawa brand.

Good quality massage chairs are never cheap and, with the advancements made in technologies, they are getting ever more expensive.

This general increase in price across the market can be seen as a good thing, as it means that the quality of the chairs overall is improving, from the fabric to the motors and the range of features and settings. 

However with the higher prices comes with the need for a large investment on the part of the buyer. It is essential to find the right massage chair for you, as no one wants to spend thousands on something that they end up barely using. But how do you find the right brand for you?

There are multiple top quality massage chair brands out there, some of which you will most likely have already heard of, such as Ogawa.

Ogawa is a leading relaxation and wellness brand across the world. Although the company started as a small shop in Malaysia, it grew into one of the best known and reputable relaxation and massage chair designers and distributors worldwide. 

Ogawa’s customers are generally speaking more than satisfied with their products, and here are a few reasons why:

Ogawa customer service

Ogawa’s customers and reviewers often comment on the outstanding customer service. Although many well known brands frequently lack in that area, Ogawa proves that they put their customers first, always. 

They are easy to contact through multiple different mediums and have trained personnel on the other end, eager to help you with your problem, be it anything from finding the right massage chair, to having it serviced and even providing you up to date warranty check if needed. They will also help to ensure that your Ogawa chair is delivered to you, no matter where you are, in a good amount of time.

Top-quality products

Of course the first and most important thing that you will be looking for from any brand is top quality products. 

We all hope to get good value for money, and that is not always easy to come across when it comes to relaxation devices and massage chairs especially. Given that massage chairs do cost so much, a customer should come to expect a lot from them, with the most important features being their longevity, comfort, style, and efficiency.

Ogawa happens to be one of brands that scores highly in all of these criteria. Although finding the right massage chair for you may still some time, with an Ogawa you are likely to find a massage chair that suits your needs.

Innovative massage chairs

With increasing competition between models in the massage chairs markets these days, innovation is key for any massage therapy device. Being able to constantly improve the relaxation experience and quality of the therapy received is essential and makes products worth the financial outlay. 

Ogawa is a leading relaxation brand who continually strive to create innovative designs and maximise your relaxation time.

Lifetime support

Ogawa is one of the few brands that offer lifetime support to its customers. 

This helps to ensure that no matter how old your product is, you will always be able to rely on product assistance and care. 

Although their products are designed to last for as long as possible, over time, as is the case with all machines, wear and tear can take it’s toll. 

Knowing that you can have peace of mind and rely on great Ogawa customer service for help and maintenance, makes a huge impact on their overall brand image. It really sets them apart from most other leading massage therapy product manufacturers.

A well-known brand

Although not all brands are famous for quality and reliability, Ogawa is a well-known brand with a reputation that you can trust. 

Wherever you search, you will find glowing reviews about the Ogawa company, by it’s very own customers. Knowing that you will be purchasing a massage chair that has been recommended by thousands of others as being so reliable should help you to buy your massage chair more confidently.

Is Ogawa a good brand?

Today, Ogawa is known as being a brand that stands for comfort, style, and quality. The company, which started out in 1996 in Malaysia, began as a health and wellness shop. Over a period of time the shop grew into a full-blow industry player, creating new designs and products and specializing in health and wellness tools around Malaysia.

Now, the company has grown and set up 169 locations, located in over 15 countries. According to the company’s website, their goal is ‘to live and deliver wellness every day, everywhere, because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy good health’. There is no denying that their wide variety of products illustrates their dedication to relaxation and wellbeing.

Their products are known for being of good quality and are extremely durable. Moreover, that same long list of products also means that they have the range available to suit a wide variety of consumer requirements. 

Since its substantial growth, Ogawa now has design centers around the world. It has a large center in Los Angeles (as part of the Ogawa World USA group), in which the designs are made to better suit the styles and needs of consumers from the US and the rest of North America.

If you are considering buying an Ogawa massage chair, then it is important to take some time to find one that best suits you. Even though the Ogawa website does offer financing help, their massage chairs are still large investments.

To get the maximum benefits from your home massage chair you will need your massage chair to be comfortable, last for as long as possible, be the best fit for your body and deliver the kind of massage you prefer. It is worth taking that extra time to find the right one for you. 

It is also important to consider the features and settings of each chair, as not all massage chairs offer the same functions. Even some top end chairs are missing certain settings that people require, in built heating systems are not so common for instance. 

Ogawa massage chairs can be found in shops around the world, so finding a location near you in order to try out the chairs is definitely recommended as matching one to your specific body shape is key. Also, according to the Ogawa website, if you buy a massage chair directly from them in store it will cost less then from another retailer.

Is Ogawa the brand for me?

When it comes to purchasing massage chairs or any kind of massage equipment outright, it certainly makes sense to look for a brand that many people have reviewed positively. Ogawa is one such line that is renowned across the world on the strength of it’s innovations, it’s customer care, and it’s great value products.

That said, Ogawa massage chairs may still cost more than what some people are willing to spend on a massage seat or chair. Paying a cheap price will generally give you a cheap chair, and when you are taking your health and comfort into account, it makes sense to invest in yourself.

Ogawa’s a great brand that we do recommend, however, if it’s your first time considering massage chairs at all, make a point to look at other user reviews and to see what people say about the features and functions you are looking for.

Don’t forget that there are other massage chair brands out there too, and we have several other comprehensive guides to many of them on our website. So make sure to look through our other articles if you are looking for information on other brands.



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