Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Review

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

If you are looking for a massage chair that can offer as many health benefits as possible, then the chances are that you have stumbled across Medical Breakthrough. This US-based company prides itself on the fact that it creates massage chairs that are extremely beneficial for one’s overall health, healing, and relaxation. The clue is in the name, after all!

The company was started by a group of chiropractors who spent years analyzing their clients and what ailed them. They saw everything from minor pains to severe problems. The group then spent 14 years creating a massage chair that was able to help with the common issues that they found in their patients.

The idea behind the Medical Breakthrough massage chair then became more about healing than relaxation. 

After years of trial and error, the company managed to create a chair that could actually help to heal its users and relieve pain, at which they decided that the perfect name would be the Medical Breakthrough massage chair. 

One of the best things about Medical Breakthrough is that they sell their chairs directly to their customers. They sell directly what they create, meaning only the very best of their chairs, made of the best fabrics, motors, and key features, ensuring quality for your money. 

In fact, unlike most massage chair manufacturers, Medical Breakthrough recommends that their clients use their massage chairs every day. Most massage chair manufacturers suggest that using their chairs every day could in fact be damaging to the users. 

However, Medical Breakthrough suggests that the users will only get the full benefits if they use it on a daily basis, depending on the ailment that they are treating, of course. 

How much is the Medical Breakthrough chair? 

There are multiple Medical Breakthrough chairs now available, including the models five through to X. Obviously, the higher up the model, the more features it has and of course, the more expensive it is. 

Prices for Medical Breakthrough massage chairs currently range from around $4,000 to over $15,000. With prices like these, Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are among the most expensive in the industry. 

However, for the quality and benefits that they provide, they could be worth the investment. If you are struggling with one or more ailments that could seriously use a good massage, and you are simply unable to get to a therapist, a chair from the brand could be a great investment.

Where are Medical Breakthrough chairs made? 

Unlike most massage chair manufacturers, Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are currently produced in the USA. 

Most massage chairs are currently made in China, although their design and service centers are around the world. 

However, Medical Breakthrough like to keep their work close to home and therefore design and manufacture their massage chairs in the US. 

Many people prefer to shop with an American brand, largely thanks to local customer service and support – and in all honesty, we are right there with them! There is no harm in buying a massage chair from overseas, but a US-made chair does come with local service benefits.

The Medical Breakthrough chairs come with multiple systems to help with healing and pain relief. These systems are all unique to Medical Breakthrough engineering and have proven to be very beneficial for many people dealing with common injuries, diseases, or even just age alone. 

Medical Breakthrough massage systems

Here are some of the systems offered by Medical Breakthrough that help with healing and pain relief: 

The aches and pain relief system

The idea behind this system is to feel a gentle massage around the entire body, helping with any sole muscles, nerves, inflammation and tired bones.

The joint care system

This system has been specifically designed to help with joints – funnily enough! The system massages nearly all of the joints in the body and is designed to help with flexibility in both younger and elderly people.

The fatigue recovery system

This system is better suited for the elderly who have trouble getting around and doing regular exercise. The system stimulates the muscles, working them as it moves. Medical Breakthrough suggests using this system every day as a way to work the muscles daily, helping with recovery and general exercise.

The shoulder grasp system

As the name suggests, this system targets the neck and the shoulders specifically, which tend to be problem areas for all kinds of knots and pain points.

Full body reflexology massage therapy system

This system is used to treat all of the pain points in the body, giving a rejuvenating feeling.

Reflexology foot massage therapy

As the name suggests, this system is specifically for the feet. The Medical Breakthrough massage chair has proven to offer more features on the foot massage system than any other massage chair, making them the most efficient for that kind of treatment.

The reflexology hand massage therapy

Again, as the name suggests, this system is for the hands and can offer a deeper and more relaxing hand massage than you have ever felt with any other massage chair. 

What are some benefits of using Medical Breakthrough massage chairs?

According to Medical Breakthrough, their systems can improve your heart health, sleep, reduce stress, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, enhance exercise performance, reduce muscle tension, improve balance, increase flexibility, reduce headaches, and generally improve one’s health.

They are commonly used by those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, dementia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and general injuries and pains. 

With their Breakthrough 8 massage chair, Medical Breakthrough had created the first massage ever to completely twist the body from side to side. This system is used as a relaxing and safe way to stretch the body. 

They also come with zero gravity recline systems. This is the position in which the feet are raised above the heart. In this position, the user’s body weight is distributed evenly around their body, and they are in the perfect position to relax and feel the benefits of the massage. 

Moreover, whereas it can be difficult to find a massage chair that is perfect for you in most massage chair brands, Medical Breakthrough have designed their massage chairs with adjustable leg extensions making it easy for you to adjust the chair to fit your exact height. 

Finally, Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are very easy to install as they only require two screws on each arm, and the chair is ready to go! Should you have any difficulty installing it, you can always call customer service for help, or pay to have someone come to finish the building for you.

Moreover, your chair can simply plug into the wall! Given the number of features on it, it’s only natural to assume that it would take a lot of power to run, when in fact, Medical Breakthrough chairs consume less energy than your microwave! 

Should I buy a Medical Breakthrough massage chair?

Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are some of the most intensive, effective and stress-relieving massage systems available for the home market right now. They may cost a little more than the average system, but according to happy buyers, they really do seem to be worth every penny.



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