Massage Pad for Chair 

Massage Pad for Chair 

Are you thinking about investing in a home massage chair but are not prepared to invest a lot of money in a massage chair, or maybe you don’t have the space for such an item? Thankfully there are some alternatives that are less cumbersome and a lot less expensive. These days there are lots of high quality massage pads that exist on the market, perfect for those looking for some more economical and space saving devices that can me used at home or in the workplace.

Naturally we would all love to have our very own top of the line massage chairs, but this just isn’t feasible for many of us. They take up quite a lot of space, are very expensive to purchase, can be a pain to set up and require quite a lot of time to research one specific for your individual needs.

Thankfully massage pads come in a wide range of styles, features, brands, and prices. There are also some incredibly well designed options out there today that can offer some fairly high level massage experiences. As a result it is much easier to find one that suits us and can deliver a high quality massage. Given their relatively small size, they are much more cost effective to deliver and incredibly simple to install compared to a full size massage chair. All that is required is a suitable chair to place the pad on and a nearby outlet in which to plug the pad, and then get ready for some quality relaxation and pain relief. 

Most massage chair pads come complete with in-built massage balls or rollers, vibration and kneading features and many even come equipped with a heating system for optimal relaxation. 

Massage pads are not only much cheaper than massage chairs, they also have several other benefits. They are easier to transport and set up, which means that you can easily take them from house to house, work, and some can even be used in your car. They are also more discreet than massage chairs and can easily be stored away and out of sight until they are ready to be used.

Clearly when it comes to the actual quality of massage therapy, massage chairs will almost always outperform massage pads. But there are some pads out there that can still offer excellent massages and some people may not require intense deep tissue massages that massage chairs excel at. The major difference between the two is that, unlike more modern and advanced massage chairs, massage pads will only focus on your back and neck. Moreover, they tend to not last as long as massage chairs. 

However, there are a lot of good quality massage pads out there, at competitive prices, for everyone who is in need of massage therapy. Let’s take a closer look at some of those on the market today.

What’s the best massage chair cushion? 

Now given the number of massage chair pads available on the market, it can be overwhelming looking for the perfect one for you. 

First of all, you will need to consider the features that you won’t necessarily need. Very cheap massage chair pads simply offer vibration features, and so the cost is less for a reason. As beneficial as they may be, they are no match for kneading and stroking features that are far more efficient at providing relaxation and pain relief. These features do cost a little more, but they are definitely worth it.  

Next, you will need to consider all of the extra features, for instance whether or not you want a heating function, a cordless chair, a smaller or a taller pad. 

The last point to consider is that massage chair cushions come in a wide variety of price ranges, so it should therefore be fairly straightforward to find one within your budget. Do be aware that the prices do reflect the quality and functionality of the pads, so it could be difficult to find one with all of the features that you require if you are on a tight budget. That being said, it is possible and is definitely worth taking the time to shop around. 

Do back massage pads work? 

Generally speaking massage pads do provided varying decent and practical massage therapy. That being said there are varying degrees of quality between pads, but usually the reputation of the brand is a good indication of how well the pad will perform for the following reasons. Below we will look at how they can differ.

There are a multitude of back massage pads available on the market these days. They vary wildly in terms of price, features and materials amongst other things. It is always tempting to buy a cheaper massage pad, however lower-cost items do tend to break down quicker and are unlikely to provide a particularly good massage. 

Instead, it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive back massage pad from a name that you recognize or at least has the reviews to back it up. Even though it will never match the quality of a massage chair or a professional massage therapist, it may still offer a decent quality massage and level of relaxation at a fraction of the price.

As a rule of thumb the better the quality of the product, the more likely it is to last. Even though back massage pads are a lot cheaper than massage chairs, a respectable one will still cost a few hundred dollars, which still represents a significant investment for most of us. With that being the case, it is better to invest in something that is more likely to last in order to avoid having to constantly replace a poor quality one. Unless of course you are looking to upgrade regularly, in which case it might make sense to buy in this way.

Are vibrating back massagers safe? 

Vibrating back massagers can be safe as long as you know how to use them. The vibration from back massagers can promote relaxation and even work as a pain reliever in certain situations, but it is important to understand how each particular pad works to receive the maximum benefit from it. 

The vibrations, even at a low pressure, can be very strong. Remember that your back should only take a certain amount of strain, and even though you don’t necessarily feel much, your back muscles, nerves, blood circulation and bones will all be being stimulated by the vibrations. In order to avoid feeling sore or fatigued and in extreme circumstances becoming injured, it is best to avoid using the back massager on a high pressure setting and for extended lengths of time.

Receiving massages at frequent intervals, and at a lower setting for shorter sessions, is the best way to receive optimum benefit from the device. If you find that the lower settings are not doing enough for you, then by all means increase the vibrations. It is however best to start on a low pressure to allow your back to get used to that kind of stimulation before moving on to stronger vibrations. This will help to avoid any potential damage to yourself. 

Moreover, it is never wise to use the vibrating back massager to help with an injury unless you have been advised to by your doctor. In a lot of cases, using the back massager can help to relieve pain by promoting better blood circulation, reducing inflammation and from the relaxation received from it’s use.

What’s more if your back massager has a heating system, then this will also help to relieve pain.  However, unless you know exactly how and where to apply the massage, you run the risk of increasing your pain by worsening the injury. So as we mentioned before it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using the back massager and ask them for their advice in relation to the location, pressure, setting, frequency, and length of time per session. 

Is a massage pad the best choice?

As you can see, there are certainly pros and cons to using massage pads over the use of conventional massage chairs. Therefore, be sure to weigh up these points while shopping around. While massage pads are cheaper and more accessible in many ways, quality massage chairs will always give you the best results.

If you’re really unsure about what to look for and what to invest in, take a closer look at our guides to various massage chairs and products before you buy. As these pieces of kit can be expensive, as well as vary greatly in functions and quality, it’s worth taking the time to properly study the different devices available to you.



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