Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits? 

Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits

As you may know, massages in general have proven to be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons beyond simple relaxation. However, it is vital to note that relaxation itself has many health benefits!

Massages have also proven to be useful for improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and of course relieving stress which has benefits for all ailments! 

However, not everyone has the time, money, or way of getting to a massage therapist when they need one for medical reasons.

That is why having your own massage chair can be very beneficial for a multitude of ailments. 

Can a massage chair improve your health? 

Yes, massage chairs can significantly improve your overall health. Stress is a key player in many of the significant health issues that many of us deal with on a daily basis. It can worsen symptoms, induce certain problems, and just generally make us feel bad! 

Having one’s own massage chair is a great way of managing stress and helping to relieve some tension on our bodies that is increased by stress. 

Massage chairs have also proven to help blood circulation. Good blood circulation is essential for everyone, but can prove crucial for certain ailments that require good blood circulation in order to improve, or at least not worsen. 

Another thing to consider is blood pressure. By relaxing you, massage chairs can significantly reduce blood pressure which is ideal for those who deal with high blood pressure or who need help managing their blood pressure frequently. 

Is a massage chair good for neuropathy? 

Diabetic neuropathy is something that affects many of us and can be difficult to handle. Symptoms of the disease can include pain, burning and tingling sensations, numbness, and can eventually lead to a loss of balance, mobility and/or strength. Of course, as is the case with most things, the symptoms depend on the person. 

Neuropathy is usually attributed to diabetes, but it can affect people who are subject to environmental poisons, infections or liver disease. However, the actual cause of the neuropathy is not always evident and is not always found. 

Thankfully, there are treatments to help deal with the symptoms, including medication and massages. Massage therapy is a great way of helping reduce the pain caused by neuropathy, and the gentle massages will help to reduce inflammation and will help with blood circulation. Better blood circulation allows for better healing and relaxation. 

However, when it comes to helping neuropathy with a massage chair, it is always best to start on a lower pressure. A high-pressure chair massage could cause you pain and could even worsen the symptoms of the neuropathy.

You can always start with lower pressured massages and gently increase the pressure over time. Generally speaking, it is better to stay for a longer period of time in the massage chair, under a lower pressure. 

Of course, in order for the massage chair to benefit you and have the best effect on your neuropathy, you will need to take care of the areas that need your assistance the most. It is always best to consult doctor advice before using your massage chair to ensure that you are using the best settings, in the best areas, to help you with your neuropathy. 

Are massage chairs bad for diabetics? 

Diabetes is a particularly difficult disease to manage and can sometimes feel impossible. However, the research into diabetes has come a long way, and there are better ways now than ever before of managing diabetes and its symptoms. 

One of the top-rated ways of dealing with diabetes is by using a massage chair. As was previously mentioned, massage chairs can help blood circulation, which in turn allow for better blood flow to vital organs. This will not only help diabetics to better handle their pain, it can also help the body, in general, to better handle diabetes itself. 

Moreover, massages also help with relaxation making them a perfect way of managing the stress of diabetes. 

However, it is also crucial to understand that by relaxing the user, the massage chair will also lower their blood pressure. This is generally a good thing but is something to consider for people with low blood pressure, and diabetics. You must consult your doctor before using a massage chair, especially if you have a condition such as diabetes that could be affected by the massage chair. 

On the other hand, massage chairs do still offer benefits to people with diabetes. Having a massage chair at home is a great way of ensuring that you have what you need to relax and relieve pain when you need it.

Having your own massage chair can also end up being more cost-effective than seeing a professional massage therapist regularly. However, in order for the massages from your chair to be as beneficial as they would be from a professional massage therapist, consult your doctor for the best settings, frequency, and pressures for you! 

Massage chair for herniated disc 

A herniated disc can cause immense amounts of pain and discomfort to sufferers. A herniated disc is a spine injury that can be caused by any number of things including lifting heavy objects, repetitive intense sports, being overweight, etc. Symptoms of herniated discs can often include back pain, tingling or numbness in the legs and/or feet, weakness in the muscles, etc. 

However, beyond general rest and a pain killer, there is very little that you can do to manage the pain from a herniated disc. They tend to heal on their own and need a few days or more of good rest. 

Another way of managing the pain and helping with the healing of a herniated disc is by having a massage. 

It is important to understand that a massage will not heal a herniated disc, no matter how good the massage is! The disc will have to heal on its own, or, in severe cases, may require surgery. However, the massage can help with the pain. 

Since massages help with relaxation, the patient usually feels a bit of pain relief too. The muscles being stimulated gently and the nerves and bones being massaged will also help the patient to unclench. We all tend to clench harder when we are in pain. Sadly, that often increases the pain and can prolong the healing process, so a massage is a great idea! 

Massages also help with blood circulation.

As you may know, good blood circulation helps certain injuries and wounds to help better and quicker, and so, although there is no proof of this, having a massage could help your herniated disc to heal better. 

However, the way in which the massage chair massages you is essential. If you use pressure that is too high or stay on the massage chair for too long, then you risk hurting yourself further and causing more damage. It is better to have a low-pressure massage for shorter periods of time. Again, it is also best to consult your doctor before using your massage chair to help your herniated disc, as they will know what you do. 

There you have it – a massage chair could help to improve your health and wellbeing! Why not take a closer look at other guides across our site and see if you can find a plan of action that suits you?



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