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Is a Massage Chair Worth It?

is a massage chair worth it

Massage chairs have always been popular! The idea of being able to get a relaxing massage from the comfort of your chair at home appeals to most of us. That being said, there have always been questions regarding the efficiency of massage chairs, especially compared to the skilled, trained hands of an actual massage therapist.

There is zero denying that in the long run, massage chairs can end up costing a lot less than actual massage therapists, and there is nothing more relaxing than being able to enjoy a warm, comforting massage than from one’s own home. However, are massage chairs worth it?

Yes, generally speaking, massage chairs can absolutely be worth it! And, here are a few reasons why.

Are massage chairs effective?

Whether a massage chair is effective or not depends on the brand that you choose and your expectations.

If you are someone who enjoys regularly having very deep massages, then a massage chair is unlikely to suit your personal needs. Massage chairs offer light, moderate, to slightly strong massages to help with relaxation and even a bit of pain relief.

On the other hand, if you like and/or need gentle massages then a massage chair can be the perfect tool to have in your home.

That being said, no matter how much you may benefit from having a massage chair, it will only actually serve you reliably if you choose a good-quality brand.

Not only will a poor-quality chair likely break after a short while, but it is also unlikely that it will even be very relaxing for you to use. If the quality of the motor, the balls, and the fabric is not up to standard, then your massages may be more stressful than relaxing!

Can they help with pain?

Depending on the massage chair that you get and the setting that you use, they can indeed help with back pain (in particular).

Massage therapy has, time and again, been proven to be an effective way of reducing pain around the body, as the pressure applied helps to relieve knots, stress, and indeed inflammation and pain.

Most massage chairs use balls set on a particular course as well as airbags and some heating elements. The heat from the massage chair can help relieve the pain too (as one can get from either a hot water bottle or a bath, for example), but the applied pressure combined with the heat is what could help with the pain.

Of course, if you plan to use a massage chair to relieve pain, you should expect realistic results. Your pain could be relieved; however, the massage chair is not a tool with which you can completely solve the problem.

Whatever setting you put the massage chair on is unlikely to only focus on the desired area, and it may not be able to access the root of your problem.

That being said, after a long day of aches and pains, why not treat yourself to some relaxing pain relief with your massage chair?

Save time – get a massage in your own home.

One of the main selling points of massage chairs is that they can indeed save you a lot of time!

Finding the time to relax and treat yourself can be a nightmare. Of course, there is nothing like booking a massage therapist or setting a day to go to the spa, but really, who has the time? Most of us can barely find a few hours a week to sit and watch our favorite shows or have a nice meal, so finding the time for a massage seems nearly impossible.

However, massages have proven to be extremely beneficial for reducing stress and improving your overall health, so they are viable option that should be considered.

That’s where your massage chair will come in. You will not have to spend time planning for a break. Instead, you can get into your very own massage chair whenever you feel like it. You don’t even have to worry about wasting any time!

Use your time in the massage chair to catch up on your favorite shows, read that book you’ve been desperate to get to, or take the time to give yourself the full spa treatment.

Relax in your massage chair with your feet soaking, a face mask on, and some relaxing music playing in the background. Either way, you will save so much time on planning, traveling, and being at an actual spa.

A moderate pressure-based massage.

Not everyone likes having heavy pressure massages, and in fact, it’s not always a good idea to have them. If you struggle with certain physical pains or are even at an age where you need to be gentle with your body, then a massage chair could be just the thing.

Massage chairs offer moderate pressure-based massages. You can also control the setting and pressure with many chairs, meaning that you will be in full control of what you feel and where.

If you know or are someone who could do with soft, effective, warm massages to start or end your day, then a massage chair is the perfect gift.

Do massage chairs work?

Generally speaking, yes, massage chairs do work! Of course, as is generally the case with all things, the quality of the product that you buy has a huge impact on its efficacy.

We have all heard of horror stories regarding defective massage chairs that either don’t work or are even dangerous to use.

Thankfully, in most cases, those are precisely that – horror stories, and they’re extremely rare. Therefore, you have very little to worry about regarding their safety.

However, their efficiency does depend on the model and brand that you use. A good massage chair is an investment and can be worth the money as long as you use it. In fact, in the long run, a massage chair could even end up saving you money.

If you are in the habit of going for massages frequently, then you will know that a good massage is not cheap, and neither is the time and effort it takes to get there.

By using your chair, not only will you be in the comfort of your own home, but you will also save yourself time, money and effort by not having to go to a professional, all while having worthwhile massages.

What is the lifespan of a massage chair?

Again, the quality of a massage chair depends entirely on its brand. Lower-quality massage chairs could last anywhere from a few years to a few months. However, good-quality massage chairs with quality motors and fabrics could last you for decades.

Of course, their longevity also depends on how you treat it. For your massage chair to last for as long as possible, you should always check what the manufacturer recommends regarding their upkeep.

Thankfully, massage chairs require very little maintenance, and a quick wipe and regular usage should keep them going for as long as you need.



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