Massage Chair vs Hydromassage

massage chairs vs hydromassage

If you are in need of home massage therapy there is a multitude of different devices available to you on the market right now. When considering options for home massage equipment, one of the best products out there that produce the most benefits are modern massage chairs. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are very similar to reclining chairs. For even more effective massages you should also consider devices that offer a hydromassage, these come both in a chair formats and are also available as a bed.

Massage chairs have been around longer than hydromassagers, but both are used in health clubs and are also available for private purchase. In this article we will take a look at some benefits of both, and will offer you some advice to help you to choose which one may be best for you.

What is a hydromassage chair?

Working on the same principle as normal massage chairs, hydromassage chairs are also a reclining armchair style of chair. State of the art hydro massagers are electronically controlled and come in a variety of colors with several optional features as well.

Much like hydro massage beds, hydro massage chairs use pockets in their structure which hold fluid. Depending on the setting, any number of the pads can assist in delivering a massage. The user has full control of the chair and can select the duration, intensity and specific areas of the massage.

Let’s take a closer look in further detail below to discover what hydromassagers can do for you.

What do Hydro Massage chairs do?

Hydromassagers are programmed to deliver a bespoke massage to users. Depending upon the complexity of the chair, simple timed massages come as standard, though more sophisticated machines offer extra settings and features.

Hydromassage chairs operate, as their name suggests, through the use of water based technology. Water is heated, and unlike traditional massage chairs, hydro units actively soothe and provide unique and massage therapy though water jets that adapt to the exact contours of your body. These move forwards and backwards much like pistons, and apply gently pressure to massage acutely across the whole of your body. Hydromassage therapy can be extremely useful for a variety of bodily issues and to help relieve stress. Hydromassage chairs are extremely flexible. As previously mentioned, they are completely bespoke. You can easily chop and change the different elements of the jets and types of massage settings to fit your precise needs. This is an important feature and, being able to effectively fine-tune how they receive their massages with very little effort, is something that features prominently in customer reviews as being a key selling point for this range of massage equipment.

The feeling of warm water on your body is always a sure way to help soothe away those aches and pains, so it is easy to see why hydro massage therapy has become so popular in the world today. Of course some people might not find Hydro Massage beds and chairs to be right for them, but rest assured there are still plenty more devices available today that can deliver great quality regular massage therapy to you.

How much does a Hydro Massage bed cost?

Hydro massagers are sadly not cheap. New machines range in price in accordance with build quality and functions. You will likely to spend at least around $9,000 for a good quality hydromassage unit, beds and chairs included. That’s for a new model – if you do choose to buy a used hydromassager, you’re probably likely to pay much less, some go for around $2,000 in total.

You can however reduce the money you spend on hydro massage units by renting them instead of buying them outright. This may not be the best course of action for everyone, but if you don’t want to fork out the large initial expense to buy a hydro massage chair just yet, it might make sense to rent one. Renting a massage machine will also enable you to try it out before you buy to see if it is really something you want and is of benefit for you.

As previously mentioned massage chairs and beds in general do not come cheap, but they do include many features and benefits that are comparable to those received from a registered massage therapist. But think of the cost and hassle you would save by setting up a hydro massage chair or bed in your own at home , you wouldn’t have to find the time in your schedule to see a therapist, and the cost would pay for itself after a while if you consider the money you would save on expensive session fees to see the therapist regularly.

What are the main differences between hydromassage and normal massage chairs?

Firstly, one of the biggest differences you will likely notice between standard massage chairs and hydro massage units is that water massage tends to be a lot more expensive. As mentioned, a good hydro massage setup is likely to cost you around $9,000 or more to get started with.

For a good quality massage chair without the hydro effects, you are most likely looking at a much smaller budget of around $2,000 or more. The reasons for this are primarily because massage chairs are a little simpler in build as well as in terms of the scope of their functions. However, for many people this ease of use is part of the appeal.

A good massage chair is likely to offer you a fantastic all-over relaxation session, great for use to relieve a variety of stresses and strains. Massage chairs are not built with a specific focus in mind, although the more advanced ones do have settings to target particular areas if need be. Hydro massage units on the other hand are generally built for specific conditions and ailments. They can also offer a much wider area coverage than conventional massage chairs due to the malleability granted by the hydro cushioning pockets.

Another major difference is that hydro massage therapy devices are still relatively new. Water massage units are still only a few years old when it comes to the home market, whereas modern massage chairs have had decades to refine and improve over time. With this in mind, if you are looking for a top-quality, proven massage unit, you may well prefer to side with a leading chair brand as opposed to a newbie on the hydro market.

With so much choice available and with such differences between products, the best suggestion for you before purchasing your first product is to look into trying out both options. You can then see which provides you with the best massage style to suit your needs the most. Don’t worry, as we have plenty of massage chair guides and reviews on our website that can help you with more information on standard massage chairs to help you with that decision.

How often should you hydromassage?

With the convenience of having a the device in your own home, you will be able to use your hydro massage at your own leisure. But can you overdo it and how much time should you spend on it to get maximum benefit? Fitness trainers recommend using a hydro massager at least once per week for around 40 mins per session to accompany a general fitness regime. For simply relaxation and stress relief, 20 to 30 minutes are usually enough per session.

To address strains or pulled muscles, you may find you can only tolerate a few minutes at a time to begin with. But after a few short sessions you may find that you can increase the lengths of the sessions in order to obtain more thorough and lasting pain relief.

To assist with circulation issues or arthritic problems, 30 minutes of hydro massage therapy is a standard recommended length of time to begin with.

Check out the options for sequencing massages in the user manual if you invest in a hydro massage unit of your own. This will explain which options are designed to suit your needs, then you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Is it worth buying a hydromassage unit?

Yes if you can afford it. Hydro massagers tend to lean more towards very complete and worthwhile massages, but they can be very expensive. We would recommend that you give hydro massage therapy devices a try at a local fitness club or spa before you go ahead and put any money down on purchasing one.

You should consider buying a regular massage chair first. They are great at offering more general massages, and on the whole are much cheaper to invest in. We have plenty of advice available for these types of machines across our website, so do take the time to look around.



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