Massage Chair for The Office 

Massage Chair for The Office 

Now, more than ever, people are using massage chairs directly in their offices to promote a healthier work environment and relieve some of the workday’s stress. They are fantastic tools that come in a wide array of styles, settings, pressures, etc.

This helps to better ensure that the office massage chair that you choose will match your office’s image. However, the main reason for office massage chairs goes way beyond the style of the business. In fact, office massage chairs have proven to be a serious asset for any business, and in this article, we will show you why! 

Are office massage chairs any good? 

Of course, the build quality of the office massage chair that you get will determine whether it is actually any good; however, generally speaking, office massage chairs have proven to be serious assets for any business. Thankfully, with the wide range of office massage chairs available nowadays, it is not difficult to find the ones with great lifespans, style, comfort, and results. 

Are office massage chairs worth it? 

No matter the size of your office, investing in massage chairs can be a hefty expense, which naturally leads businesses and employers to question whether or not massage chairs for the office are worth it. However, massage chairs have proven to be highly beneficial for offices and not just for the employees.

Yes, they reduce stress, but they can also increase productivity and reduce employee turnover. Here are a few of the many added benefits that come with having office massage chairs: 

Stress reduction

Of course, the primary reason for offices to have massage chairs is to reduce stress. No matter what the business is, offices can be very stressful places for all kinds of employees. Successful offices run a tight ship which can be beneficial for business; however, when stress begins to rule the office, employee morality goes down, which in turn reduces productivity!

No one likes working at high stress, which also leads to mass employee turnover. Finally, with the amount of injuries and ailments that are induced and/or worsened by stress, it would seem logical to try to make the work environment as productive but stress-free as possible. 

Increased productivity

Although the idea of providing massage chairs for offices can sometimes make us think that employees will spend less time actually working and more time relaxing, it’s actually the opposite. Research has found that providing workers with even 15 to 20-minute increments of massage chair time can significantly improve productivity.

This is because this type of break allows them to take the time to clear their minds, often helping to solve issues and to be more creative later. It also helps to relieve the pain and stiffness that can occur when sitting in an office chair all day. With less pain and more flexibility, workers are more comfortable at their desks, making work easier. 

Healthier working conditions

Workers deserve healthy working conditions, and although a massage chair alone will not make an entire office a comfortable place to work, it can significantly help. The more workers are able to take their time to relax and rejuvenate, the better the work atmosphere will be, which in turn helps with teamwork and productivity. 

Increased concentration

It can feel nearly impossible to concentrate when we are tired, stressed, stiff, and/or in pain. By giving employees time to relax and relieve pain and stiffness, they can then return to work better prepared to take on the tasks of the day. 

Enhanced creativity

Creativity is essential in all lines of business. Even if the job requirements themselves seem to be more logical, creativity is needed to solve problems and reach new levels and standards. However, it can be very difficult to be creative in a difficult work environment, and especially when we are tired, stressed, and in pain.

Massage chair moments allow for workers to gather their thoughts and relax enough to free their minds. This has proven to help with creativity and will help with motivation a great deal, too!  

Decreased worker turnover

When workers are uncomfortable, it is only natural for them to want to leave a business. If they find themselves being overworked, constantly tired, stiff, and in pain, then they will naturally not want to return to work and will actively look for somewhere else to work.

With office massage chairs still being relatively rare, you could set your business apart and help to better ensure that your employees are happy to go to work and will remain loyal to a business that takes care of them. 

Decreasing work injuries

Work injuries can happen in all areas and are far more common in businesses where workers are tired, stressed, and physically run down. Having massage chairs will help not only to rejuvenate minds but also bodies, allowing for the employees to be better prepared physically for the tasks of the day, even if that it is just sitting in an office chair. 

Setting up a massage chair for beauty salon use

Massage chairs are becoming more and more popular tools for beauty salons, as they can be useful in a wide range of settings. These can include the following!

Waiting room setup

Massage chairs in the waiting rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s a good reason why! First, in the case of delays, which are common in beauty salons, the clients are far more likely to remain happily in the waiting room if they can have a massage, than they would be with just a few magazines.

Moreover, this means that when they eventually come for their appointment, they will arrive in a more relaxed, eager mood, making it better for them and for the employees treating them! 

Specific treatment setup

Not everything that happens in a beauty salon is fun for everyone, and time can feel as though it is passing slowly when you are bored. This is commonplace during facials, hair dying, manicures and pedicures, etc.

However, providing the client with a massage as they have their facial, their hair dyed, or their nails done will make them feel as though time is passing faster, will increase their relaxation, and will be a way for them to enjoy their time at the salon more thoroughly. 

Employee massage setups

As you know, all beauty salon workers take on a lot of manual work! This can easily lead to cramps, stiffness, and general discomfort throughout the day. Although this is no one’s fault and cannot be avoided, it can render some later work in the day a little less than perfect.

By providing salon employees with massage chairs that they can use during their breaks, this will reduce stress, reduce inflammation, help relax the muscles, and will better prepare them for the jobs to come during the rest of the day. 

Massage chairs are still not commonplace in all beauty salons, making them provide a pristine and quality image for any business. You could set your business apart by being the one that offers a full relaxation period for their customers! This will encourage more customers to return, and provide better reviews for your beauty salon, thus bringing in more clients, too. 

Overall, massage chairs may be fantastic for boosting the image of your business – as well as ensuring everyone behind closed doors is happy and healthy.



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