Best Massage Chair for Elderly People 

Massage Chair for Elderly People 

If you know and love, or are indeed an older person yourself, then chances are that you are constantly seeking new ways to make day to day life more manageable. As we get older, we all tend to slow down a bit, as our bones get a little more tired.

This then brings stiffness, inflammation, and general difficulty with movement and flexibility. Although there are plenty of different medications available to help with certain pains, and there are, of course, ways such as good nutrition that can help with these kinds of issues, they do not always work as efficiently as one might hope.

Thankfully, there is another way of helping the elderly with inflammation, pain, general stress and tiredness! Massages offer great ways of improving one’s overall health, no matter the age, and have proven to offer significant effects on pain relief, flexibility, blood circulation, inflammation, etc.

Moreover, thanks to advancements in modern technology, it is now easier than ever for an elderly person to have access to a deep, efficient, and relaxing massage, right from the comfort of their own home with a massage chair. 

There are some top quality massage chairs on the market today that come in a wide array of styles, with multiple settings, pressures, heating systems, and more.

However, finding the right one for the older person that you know may take some time. 

The best massage chair for the elderly generally needs a few attributes such as ease of use, high comfort, multiple pressure settings, a heating system (for optimum pain relief), and most of all, ease of access. That means taking the time to ensure that an older person can easily get in and out of the massage chair alone. 

In order to ensure the longevity, comfort and functionality of your massage chair, it is best to consider the best options on the market, as opposed to low-cost massage chairs that can easily break and will not offer the same relaxing and efficient massage as a technically advanced one. 

Can the elderly use massage chairs? 

Yes, the elderly can indeed use massage chairs. In fact, in many cases, it is advised! 

Massage chairs can offer deep muscle and nerve stimulation in a relaxing and healthy way. This can help a lot of the elderly not only to relax but also to reduce inflammation, and therefore in some cases, pain, too. 

One of the most common sources of pain for the elderly comes from arthritis. Symptoms from arthritis include general stiffness, tenderness and inflammation of the joints, etc. There are two main forms of arthritis, known as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms remain relatively similar in both cases, each causing significant discomfort and even pain to the patients. 

Sadly, there is no cure for arthritis known yet today; however, there are multiple treatments available that can help patients to slow it down and to manage the symptoms more manageable. 

One of the healthiest ways of dealing with the symptoms of arthritis is by using massage therapy. 

The massages help reduce inflammation and relax the muscles and nerves, but massages can also significantly help blood circulation. Good blood circulation is good for a number of things, such as heart health and better healing. 

Now, the best way for the elderly to reap all the advantages from massage therapy would, of course, be to see a professional massage therapist. Sadly, for many people, especially the elderly who live alone, making their way to a massage therapist regularly is not always convenient. Moreover, a professional massage therapist does not come cheap, and having to see them regularly can quickly raise high bills. 

Thankfully, an ideal solution would be to use a massage chair. There are plenty of massage chair brands on the market, each offering a wide range of styles, settings, pressures, and even prices. A good massage chair can last for decades and, most importantly, will be reliable and easy to get used to.

What are further benefits to massage chairs for the elderly?

The different settings ensure that the user can choose the area that needs the most attention and the pressure at which the massage takes place. Although a good massage chair will not come cheap either, over time, depending on how much it is used, the money can quickly even out and even become cheaper to have the chair.

Moreover, it offers a far easier access and potentially relaxing massage (as it is used from the comfort of one’s own home). 

For the best results, zero gravity massage chairs are often recommended for the elderly. These chairs recline the user to the point where their feet elevate. Therefore, the user’s body weight is distributed evenly throughout their body, at which point the stress and pressure on their bones, muscles, and nerves are significantly relieved. This is an ideal solution for those elderly people suffering from arthritis or just general stiffness and pains. 

However, it is also essential to bear in mind that in order for the elderly to be able to benefit fully from a massage chair, they first need easy access to it. If an elderly person does have arthritis or general trouble with flexibility and movement, getting in and out of a massage chair may not always be easy.

For them to reap the benefits of the massage chair, they will, of course, have to be able to get in and out of it without having to worry about getting stuck! That is why it is always best to look for a massage chair with a lift assistance. It is important to note that lift assistance do not exist in most massage chairs; however, they do exist.

It may just take you a little longer to find the right massage chair based on the height, weight, pressure needs, setting requirements, and of course, the lift assistance for the elderly person that you know. However, that extra time spent finding the right one will better ensure the use of the massage chair and the overall health and pain relief of that person, and for most of us, that is priceless. 

Is massage good for the elderly? 

As mentioned, massages are indeed good for the elderly for a multitude of reasons. Massages provide good relaxation, pain relief, better blood circulation, reduced inflammation, gentle muscle stimulation, and more.

However, there are a few considerations for the elderly using massage chairs. First, with the relaxation comes a lower blood pressure. This is completely natural and mostly a good thing; however, for people who struggle with low blood pressure, this could be an issue and should therefore be discussed with a doctor before using the massage chair. 

Secondly, the pressure, length of time and frequency at which the massage chair is used is essential in order for the person to reap the benefits. For example, if an elderly person uses the massage chair at too high a pressure, they risk hurting themselves and causing more damage than good.

The same can be said for the frequency of the use and the length of time for which it is used. Even on a low pressure, over-using a massage chair can be dangerous. 

In order to ensure that you and your elderly loved one are safe, consult your doctor for advice regarding the best settings, pressures, and times to use the massage chair. 



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