Lifesmart Massage Chairs Review

Lifesmart 2D Zero Gravity Brown Massage Chair

Massage chairs have become increasingly popular in the home and office over recent years, and by taking a look across our website, you will probably notice there are lots of models on the market. There are plenty of companies out there designing chairs and producing some fantastic in-home massage experiences and Lifesmart is one of them.

In this guide we shall take you through everything you need to know about Lifesmart massage chair technology, the pros and cons as well as why it might be a sound choice for relaxing massages combined with home comforts.

Who is Lifesmart?

Lifesmart is an American, home-grown company. It is known primarily for producing a variety of white goods and quality household products including items such as dehumidifiers, grills, griddles, heaters, air purifiers, ovens and power lift chairs.

They started up in 2008 and have expanded greatly since then, adding to their product range and increasing their customer base. It’s not unheard of for households to feature several different products from this firm, a fairly sound testament to their quality and customer satisfaction.

Lifesmart makes the claim that they are ‘unbeatable on price for massage chairs, with state-of-the-art technology’. Let’s take a more detailed look at what they offer from their range of massage chairs, and whether they really live up to that bold statement…

What are some of Lifesmart’s most popular massage chairs?

There are currently seven massage chairs on sale from Lifesmart right now, but they seem to be producing new products semi-annually so expect this list to rise over the coming years. In the meantime, here are a few of their more popular current products:

We will start with the R775W-4D model, which is described as the ultimate massage chair and comes equipped with Bluetooth, 58 airbags and a refined, weightless zero gravity function. It also has 12 automated programs for you to select from. For this model you are likely to pay just under $5,000 in order to bring one of them home. The R8658L-4D model is fairly similar to the R775W-4D. It is slightly cheaper but it should be noted that it offers fewer airbags, in case that is a selling point for you.

On the 3D technology side of the Lifesmart range, they have the R8665L-3D model. This comes with an auto body scan system as well as six pre-programmed options.

The LC3200 -S2D seems to be the most popular model from Lifesmart on the market right now. This is due to the fact that this model brings together all the best options you would normally expect from a top-end massage chair, at a reasonable price point. It comes with Bluetooth for onboard entertainment, a single button zero gravity feature and even a Shiatsu function if you are into that style of massage therapy.

Ultimately, Lifesmart’s range of massage chairs seem to tick most of the boxes people would be likely to be looking for in modern massage chair setups. You may come across a few Lifesmart chairs that will cost you more than a four figure dollar amount, but for the most part they are around this retail value. A quick study of customer feedback seems to assure us that they are generally worth the price.

What are some of the best features of Lifesmart Massage Chairs?

If you are still yet to be convinced on the Lifesmart range of massage chairs, here are a few other points to keep in mind while you browse their products.

Colour and style

One of the best features of this range is the well thought out appearance of the chairs. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but Lifesmart massage chairs really do look the part. Visually, all the chairs exude a stylish and inviting appeal with a sturdy yet trendy design.

The colors are either monotone or two-tone and should match easily with a variety of color schemes. Though functional, the chairs are well-rounded with discreet curves and simple lines.

The dimensions of the chairs are all available on the company’s website if you want to check out any further details. Do remember to include the extension of the foot rests, if you are measuring up to see if the chair will fit your available space. Foot rests generally can extend up to 6.5 inches on the various Lifesmart models.

Heat and air bags

Lifesmart really does dedicate itself to it’s clever airbag technology, with some chairs in their range offering more heat bags than any chair elsewhere on the market. You will see that the various chairs have different numbers of airbags too. These airbags correlate to the number, and types, of programs available on each chair.

As with all massage chairs, the heating systems fitted in Lifesmart models provide soothing relief to reduce aches and pains. The heat also helps relieve tension and induce relaxation. Due to the companies focus on simple heat radiation and airbag arrays, you can be sure Lifesmart massage chairs are built to to maximize the effectiveness and the soothing experience.


All Lifesmart chairs come with Bluetooth connectivity, so whilst using your massage chair you can engage Bluetooth to use your phone, listen to your favorite music or maybe even an audiobook while you settle down and enjoy your massage. Lifesmart really does go all out on this technology, meaning it is certainly a brand to look to if you are looking to create a very personalised massage therapy relaxation center.


The zero gravity feature on some Lifesmart massage chairs provides a very unique experience. Lifesmart describes the experience with one of their massage chairs as ‘like riding on a cloud’. Some people are hesitant and uneasy about what this might entail, but once they try out this feature they usually love it. To experience weightlessness is to greatly heighten the effect of stress reduction in massage therapy. If you are somewhat concerned about this relatively unnatural feeling, it is well worth trying this feature out before you buy.

Auto programs

For ease of use and variation of therapy, Lifesmart’s massage chairs have several preprogrammed options. This means new or regular users don’t need to trawl through endless lists or stop and start numerous sequences before finding the desired type of therapy they want from their home massages.

The number of auto programs and their particular dynamics vary amongst the Lifestart massage chair range. Several of the chairs have incremental 15 minute timers too. This helps quickly set a massage for a defined time and then users have the option to repeat or extend a sequence depending on their wishes and needs.

Extendable footrests

This may not immediately strike you as a beneficial feature, but a footrest can make a huge difference to the comfort of users. Massage chairs do not come in universal shapes and sizes. We are all different and though the seat width and depth are fixed, with an extendable footrest adjustments can be made to accommodate different kinds of body shapes and lengths.

Lifesmart massage chairs can boast impressive footrest flexibility, meaning that if you are particularly tall or prefer to stretch out, you are more than able to at your leisure in these chairs.

Auto body scanning

Perhaps one of the most sophisticated features in some Lifesmart models is the auto body scan system. This really can help you to fine tune that perfect personalised massage experience. By scanning your specific body in detail, individual adjustments can be made to your choice of program. Lifesmart models offering this function effectively take away the need for you to worry about adjusting the massage levels by hand, which is comforting news for anyone who is completely new to massage chairs and their various programs.

Is it worth buying a Lifesmart massage chair?

Lifesmart is a solid massage chair brand that has been well received by the majority of customer reviews. They are well priced for the myriad of features and great technological innovation that their chairs possess. In a large market for modern massage chairs, Lifesmart is making big strides to help create amazing relaxation and therapeutic machines that look great in any room.

As always, before you decide upon whether a Lifesmart chair is right for you, make sure to take in account what you are really looking for in a top massage chair system in terms of programs and features, and make an effort to try out the machines in person before you purchase.

Lifesmart offers a great brand of massage chair that we can safely recommend. For more insight into other chairs on the market right now, please consult our many other articles on this website.



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