iRest A305 Massage Chair Buying Guide

iRest A305

Massage chairs have become more commonplace in homes across globe in recent times. In American homes particularly, there are now more than ever before. New companies have been delving into this growing market and, combined with the existing brands out there, there are now a lot of options available today for you to buy.

To help you out we have been featuring articles reviewing some of the brands and products out there, and now we are going to focus our attention on the A305 model by iRest.

iRest is one of the biggest names in Australian massage chair design and you can find their products worldwide. If you shop around most well stocked showrooms in North America or Europe you’ll likely find plenty of their products on display and waiting for you to try.

But is iRest a brand worth purchasing in order to receive a desirable home massage? Let’s dig a little deeper and see what they are all about….

Who is iRest?

iRest is an Australian-based company that has been making quality massage products since 2013. They do everything from preparing the design of the products, to the manufacturing of the product and to the facilitation of the product distribution, so they are clearly quite keen on managing their products extensively and keeping full control of their business.

Per their mission statement, they believe that “having good health and enhanced well-being is the key to having a good life”, which is why they strive to make some of the best quality products for general health and relaxation in the business. By having a quick glance at customer reviews you can see that many of their customers confirm the quality of their products with generally high satisfaction. The company is even a Fortune Global 500 LG Partner, which is a good sign that they are a trusted company. 

iRest as a brand is an industry leader ad continues to innovate new and ever-improving products with optimum relaxation nd health benefits in mind. They have retailers all over the world selling their products and they currently export and sell their products in over one hundred countries and regions worldwide. This generally makes them easy to find, try out their products and have them delivered promptly to one’s home. 

As a company, they also state that they are devoted to creating their products efficiently and are also constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint, in an effort for the company to operate with a minimum amount of impact on the environment. 

In fact, they are so devoted to innovation that iRest created the first industrial massage laboratory back in 2010 in which they now test all of their products. Research is frequently conducted in an effort to better the massage experience gained from their products in the best ways possible. 

Finally it is important to note that as a brand, they are known for producing some of the most technologically advanced products on the massage chair market today.

Is iRest a popular brand of massage chair?

Generally speaking, online reviews are mostly favorable for their industry standard iRest a305 model. Their customers appear to appreciate their innovation and style and are generally satisfied with their overall experience, from the purchasing of the product to the aftercare and technical support. The multitude of reviews suggest that this is a fairly popular product, let us go over some other reasons why this is such a popular item and also, if there are any negative issues to do with the products from iRest.

Their massage chairs are generally delivered for free, and all come with a three-year warranty. So customers can be sure of piece of mind that if there are any problems with the chair, they have plenty of time to rectify them. Also if you do have any issues with your chair midway through it’s life, do make sure to get in touch with the service team. They offer good customer care and may be able to fix the issue promptly, and with minimal expense.

However, there is one glaring and unpopular issue with their product sales, which sets them apart negatively from the competition. Depending on the shop from which you buy their products, as some independent retailers may offer this service, you will find that your massage chair will be delivered to your home, but it will not be installed for you.

Sadly this is a real downfall on iRest’s part, given that the majority of other big brands send professionals along with the newly purchased massage chairs in order to assemble and test them before the customer uses the product. This obviously saves the customer a lot of time, stress, and effort. Of course, as long as you are prepared to take some time and assemble the chair carefully, you can be in it and relaxing from all the hard work soon enough. But not everyone is confident enough or has the time to do this, especially when you’ve invested so much money into a product.

However, while there is no denying that having someone come would be easier for the client, given the fast and free delivery of iRest products, many customers may be prepared to assemble the chair themselves and view this as not a big problem.

Thankfully, iRest a305 massage chairs are dispatched with very specific, detailed instructions to help the user assemble the chair. But how difficult is this process? Is building an iRest massage chair more hassle than it’s really worth? Let us focus on the basics of how to set up an iRest chair.

How do you assemble an iRest massage chair? 

When it comes actually to assembling your iRest a305 massage chair, it is essential that you pay attention to the specific pieces that make up the product that you have bought. The chair will come with instructions describing which parts to assemble first and in what order.

Making sure of the order and specifics of the instructions manual is a good way to avoid any problems later, as your massage chair uses a complex motor and electricity to run. Taking the time to follow the instructions manual will better ensure your safety, and that of those others who might use the massage chair.

Of course, as is the case with all things that need assembling, it is much advised that you start by laying out all the pieces of the massage chair out in front of you clearly. This is to ensure that you have all the necessary elements with you and that they are close to hand for when you need them. 

In most cases, iRest massage chairs assembly will start with you attaching the two main chair pieces together, followed by attaching the hinges and then the wires. The wires are clearly marked which makes the assembly that much easier. 

Remember to connect everything completely and keep those screws tight. As long as you follow the instructions in the right order, then your iRest a305 massage chair will be up and running in no time and ready to use.

It is ideal to take some time to assemble your iRest massage chair properly to ensure its longevity and your safety. Remember to assemble it on a flat, dry area and to construct it near an electric socket to avoid having to carry the massage chair once it’s fully assembled. 

If during the assembly of your specific iRest massage chair, you find it difficult to complete the task in hand, then you can rest assured that there are multiple online videos showing a step-by-step installation process for iRest massage chairs. Most of the videos can easily be found on YouTube simply by inputting your massage chair model name in the search bar. 

Should I buy an iRest massage chair?

There are certainly no major concerns you should have with purchasing an iRest a305 massage chair. They are a well-known and trusted brand that have operated for years mainly in Australia, however their products are now also widely available in the US. Customers reviews all over the world largely confirm that they receive regular, relaxing massages from iRest products, and at reasonable prices too.

For some extra inside information, iRest commonly issue price reductions either in the form of seasonal sales or other discounts, which are worth keeping an eye out for if you are in no hurry and interested in getting the latest iRest creations at the best price.

iRest massage chairs may seem a little inconvenient compared to some brands and models, as there is a fair amount of assembly required. However, you will receive plenty of instruction and support, and what’s more, the company’s customer care standards are impeccable. As such, if you do need help, make sure to reach out to the team.

We’ve taken a look at plenty of different massage chairs and brands over our time building up this website – and iRest seems to be one of the leading names. They are growing to become a major player in worldwide massage sales, so it won’t hurt to give them a try in your local showroom and see if they are right for you.



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