Human Touch Massage Chair: Your Complete Guide

Human Touch Massage Chair

There are many massage chair brands, manufacturers and lines out there on the market today, which can really make things confusing if you are looking to buy one for the very first time. Don’t panic though, we have been putting out a range of guides on some of the most popular massage chair brands available in order help you narrow down your choice that little easier.

In this guide we are going to focus our attention on the Human Touch brand. We will take a look at why this is such a popular range of massage chairs right now, and whether or not they can offer decent performance at a reasonable price.

Who is Human Touch?

If you have shown any interest in searching for massage chairs already, then Human Touch may well be a brand that you would have seen frequently in catalogs, retail outlets and online stores. Human Touch is said to be a leading massage chair brand in the US and one of the top brands in the world. The company has been running for over three decades and is known for making top-quality, innovative massage chairs.

The idea behind the Human Touch brand was to make massage chairs that could replicate the “human touch” of a qualified massage therapist as much as possible. In order to succeed in this goal, the company continues to make ever-evolving massage chairs that can provide deep, customizable and ultimate extremely realistic massages for their users.

In fact, their designs are so ground breaking that the company have even developed award-winning patents specifically for massage technology. Their chairs adjust to the user’s body and provide massages with almost human precision, which has been achieved by collaborating the work from designers from all over the world with professional massage therapists.

The other main goal for their company is that every chair they release is to provide massages that have significant health benefits. These include gentle bodily relaxation, flexibility enhancement, injury recovery, muscle stimulation, positive blood circulation, lower blood pressure and improved sleep. 

Beyond these massage technologies, the company has also focused on style. Their goal was to make chairs that were both pleasing to the eye and yet still offer deeply effective massages. They have several exceptionally stylish and high performance chairs in their range for which Human Touch has won multiple Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence.

Their chairs come in a wide range of fabrics, materials, and styles, and, given that the brand has been around for so long, their product range is extensive, making it easy for anyone to find the right chair for them, no matter their style, massage needs, required features, or even budget. But – with all this in mind, are Human Touch massage chairs actually good value?

Are Human Touch chairs worth the money? 

Generally speaking, yes, Human Touch massage chairs are worth the money. 

As previously mentioned, Human Touch is known for creating stylish, efficient, innovative massage chairs that are capable of providing very beneficial massages. The company is a leading massage chair company for a reason, and they have earned their good reputation over the years. 

The massage chairs themselves do appear to last as well, generally lasting between five and ten years according to reviews, with the newer models expected to last for even longer. That’s great news for anyone worrying about large fees up front, as when the price is broken down over the years of use it becomes quite reasonable.

Of course, the main benefit to buying Human Touch massage chairs is that they can cater to pretty much any body type and most massage preferences. Whether you need a more delicate touch, a lower vibration or a deeper, more stimulating massage chair, you can customize the unit easily to suit whatever your needs and preferences may be. 

That being said, Human Touch chairs do have some flaws, and as of the time of writing, there is a noticeable split of opinion regarding their customer service standards from their online reviews. Some reviewers have complained about shipping problems, difficult returns and late deliveries. Sadly, given that massage chairs have very intricate parts and mechanisms, they do occasionally need servicing and/or repair, and sometimes even replacing.

Even though the massage chairs from Human Touch are relatively well known for being long-lasting, efficient, and well made, accidents do happen. It is especially the case during deliveries these days, and you should expect to be able to contact the manufacturer for their help easily on such matters. With that not always being the case with Human Touch, the risk is yours to take. Human Touch’s customer service record may not be as glowing as some others in the business, but that doesn’t make their products any of less quality, and it certainly doesn’t mean you are going to necessarily have a bad experience.

Points you need to consider

Determining whether Human Touch massage chairs are worth the money usually depends on your needs. As the chair’s settings are mostly customizable, the wide range of products means that you should be able to find the right chair for your body, your comfort, and your budget.

As with all makes and models of massage chair, it really does pay to try before you buy. You may not always be able to exercise this option however depending on your location, but if you do have access to a showroom that stocks Human Touch massage chairs, be sure to pay one a visit to give the chairs a try.

Finding the top massage chair for your needs is all about making sure that the measurements and comfort standards fit exactly what you are looking for. That is not always so easy to do from simply browsing online. For massage chair newbies, it is absolutely worth trying out a model or two in person.

Human Touch massage chairs arrive with a fantastic quality guarantee, and while there are some split opinions on the standards of customer care they provide, that does not mean the brand is completely unapproachable and of course they do have an obligation to rectify a faulty machine.

Who made Human Touch massage chairs? 

Interactive Health Inc. makes Human Touch products. Their products are designed and manufactured in California, making them stand out from other massage chair companies who often outsource production. Most massage chair companies have their products made in China since the factories there have the technology needed to get them made efficiently and with state of the art designs. But there can be questions asked as to the quality of goods made abroad to different standards.

However, Human Touch chooses to have their products designed and made at home, which not only sets them apart but also provides a key selling point for their clients. It also means that there is a local customer service and technical support base too, which is always comforting to know.

Interactive Health Inc. now has over 65 patented technologies, for which they have won multiple Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence.

Human Touch is proud to say that their expert team of designers works closely with medical professionals and professional massage therapists to ensure that their products mimic an actual “human touch” as closely as possible, while still benefiting the massage chair user in terms of practical treatment received. 


Human Touch is without questions one of the leading names in massage chair production the world over. Their US-based service has won over many fans, and while there are some concerns made by some customers over the standard of their customer care, they still offer a fantastic service and standard of massage technology.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to give their massage chairs a try wherever possible. Try a Human Touch chair on for size at a local showroom, or if you are buying online, make sure that you take into account all the dimensions, features and comfort standards that are important to you.



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