Ergotec Massage Chair Buying Guide

ERGOTEC Massage Chair with 2D S-Track

In this article of our massage chair review series, we are going to focus on the chairs on offer from Ergotec. You may well have seen Ergotec while browsing for chairs as they have a firm presence online and offline. In this handy guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about this US brand of massage chair providers.

Who is Ergotec?

Ergotec is an American manufacturer of massage chairs. They ship their products all over the world and have great customer reviews. They are listed on the INC 5000 register as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and are justifiably proud of their 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Ergotec claims that they offer a ‘platinum rated service’ and that, having been in business for 24 years, they remain unmatched for design and experience in the industry. It is safe to say that Ergotec is one of the most recognizable massage chair brands across the country, and many customers agree with their bold marketing claims.

What are some of the most popular Ergotec massage chairs?

Ergotec massage chairs are hugely popular thanks to their versatility, their intensive massage therapy and their wide range of options.

For example, the Mercury 2D -S Track Massage chair is a popular choice in the competitive market. This massage chair adopts a smart modern style, comes with a foot roller and has the ability to allow the user to lay completely flat. Not all massage chairs can do this, and depending on any special physical requirements this could be a particularly important feature for the user.

The Neptune is another model that is a really popular Ergotec massage chair, especially for those with limited space in which to situate it. It is the most compact 2D-L track chair around, and it comes with an LCD remote for neck to knee massage.

The Saturn is one of the newest 2 D-L track massage chairs sold by Ergotec. It offers five different automatic massage programs and is ideal for a full body massage, it comes complete with a simple user friendly command system.

And then there is the Jupiter model, have you noticed a theme yet? This 3D-L Track massage chair enables users to choose from a range of 10 automatic massage programs. It boasts the usual smart executive look appearance of the Ergotec range and this chair is easy to operate. It has a good selection of options that are perfect to suit multiple people or just one individual who enjoys variety.

We really recommend you take a closer look at Ergotec’s other lines for more information on the range of models on offer from them.

Why are Ergotec chairs so popular?

With 24 years of experience, the name Ergotec is now synonymous with great value and good after sale support. They have a selection of product reviews that can be seen on their website and most are very encouraging. 

Their product range is not as vast as some of the other brands out on the market today, but it seems that what they do, they do well. With customer satisfaction being so important to maintain their positve reputation, Ergotec offers an online contact service as well as a telephone number for enquiries. They offer free shipping to the USA and we also ship overseas. Customers abroad, however, should check out extra costs which will be involved with this shipping.

Ergotec also offers a free extended warranty on their product range. The company also provides what’s known as a ‘white glove installation’. This means that instead of unpacking, positioning and assembling your chair yourself, they will send a representative to do it for you. All you need to do is place your order, decide where you want to put your chair, and they will do the rest.

Ergotec orders are shipped with manuals, but if need be you can also access PDFs of their handy user guides online.

The company also offers a generous 30 day trial for customers to try out their massage chairs, this is completely risk-free. This applies to their products within the USA. Outside the USA, it’s advisable to verify trial options before making any purchasing commitments.

What are some of the best features of Ergotec Massage Chairs?

After reading the above, it is quite apparent that one of the best features of Ergotec products are their sales and after sales team. The track record of the Ergotec company says a lot about their standards and it is clear that they offer first rate service in this department. Ergotec actively strives to maintain it’s reputation for quality and reliability. But what about the chairs themselves, how do they measure up with the rest of the competition in this large current market? Well…..

They look great

Appearances count, and these chairs look good. A lot of massage chairs on the market today look uninviting and clinical, whereas Ergotec massage chairs look modern, stylish, cozy and inviting. Most of all, they look comfortable and have a quality feel.

A wide range of features

Ergotec massage chairs can provide a proven number of health benefits that are associated with massage and heat therapy. Aside from easing aches and pains, they promote sleep and help blood circulation, as well as prompt the release of endorphins.

The heated pads that accompany these chairs also enhance the relaxation of users. They also have a variety of massage options, which offer variable levels of intensity and duration of the massage to the user. One setting really sets these chairs apart from most of the competition is the option to transform the chair horizontally so that the user can lay flat. The controls are also easy to understand and operate.

Not all massage chairs are built to offer a totally flat massage bed – another hallmark of the company’s expert engineering over decades at the forefront of the industry. Having a massage chair built by Ergotec at home is very convenient.

After sales service and warranty

As mentioned before this is a real selling feature from Ergotec. They offer peace of mind to the buyer with their extended warranty and first rate customer care that is easily contactable. If you have any issues with how to operate your chair or how to get the most from the settings on your model, you only have to drop them a line and they will be happy to assist you.

Customer reviews are fantastic

Ergotec’s years of experience at the forefront of massage chair design means the brand has built up an impressive reputation. While age doesn’t always mean fantastic engineering or the best customer service, it’s pretty comforting to see that Ergotec does still seems to genuinely care for their customers’ satisfaction after all these years.

Reviews for Ergotec chairs and the customer service alongside are normally pretty solid, meaning that you shouldn’t have any concerns regarding getting set up with a decent new chair from them.

Is it worth buying an Ergotec massage chair?

While there are plenty of different massage chair brands out there, Ergotec remains one of the prime picks for many reasons. This company has had the experience of time in the industry to really fine-tune their product line. You can be assured they will be on hand to help if you need support getting used to their machines and the options they offer you.

It is still worth looking into different massage chair brands and types if you are completely new to the idea of home massage therapy. Where possible, we recommend you take a look at a showroom and try a few different chairs out for good measure. You never really know how a massage chair is going to feel until you’ve tested one for the first time.

Ergotec chairs do vary in price and some arrive with premium price tags, so make sure to do plenty of research in the market and identify what you can afford. An Ergotec massage chair is quite likely to give you years of enjoyment and relaxation. But remember it is still going to be a large investment, so you need to use it regularly to get the maximum benefit.

Be sure to check out our other guides and reviews across our site too, for the lowdown on the biggest and newest massage technology brands and machines available for you to take home.



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