Bodyfriend Massage Chair Review

Bodyfriend Massage Chair

If you’ve already taken a quick glance across our website, you will have discovered that there are plenty of different massage chair brands and types out there. If you require convenient massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, now really is the best time to start investing in top-quality massage technology. It might surprise you just how accessible some of these systems are!

Bodyfriend has proven itself to be one of the leading manufacturers of home massage chairs throughout the world. Let us take a closer look at this brand, and why one of their fantastic units might be worth your time, money and interest.

Who are Bodyfriend?

Whether you are in the market for a massage chair or not, the chances are that you have come across a Bodyfriend massage chair, in some shape or form. Although the name may not mean much to you, their massage chairs will. Bodyfriend is a well-known brand for creating specialised massage chairs that can be tailored to match a variety of special needs, styles and interests.

They have a series of Marvel themed massage chairs and even Lamborghini chairs for example. Trust us; they are as extravagant as they sound and have made a big impact online and in the real world. Any sports car fan is likely to love sitting back and relaxing in their own Lambo-themed massage seat or receive personalised therapy in the comfort of the Marvel world.

According to Bodyfriend’s website, their aim is not only to make your massage therapy as stylish and lavish as possible, but it is also pledges to extend the “Healthy Life” of their customers by ten years. That’s an ambitious concept, but one we can really get behind.

They pride themselves on not only being pioneers in the style of massage chairs but also in the innovation of new and ever-improving technologies that are meant to help with relaxation, pain relief and general well-being. 

One can only assume that they have succeeded in their mission as the company has received multiple awards for their efforts, including the CES 2019 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT for their Lamborghini massage chair. So what we are dealing with here is an award-winning innovation, as well as in home massage therapy that has won the support of millions of customers across the globe.

Bodyfriend even launched their first medical R&D center, which has launched multiple innovative and life-changing products. Not every massage chair brand can say the same, so you really are looking at a top of the line product.

How much is a Bodyfriend? 

Boyfriend’s fantastic massage chairs range in price from around $2,500 and up to $30,000. 

Given the sheer style as well as the efficiency of these chairs, it is only natural to assume that the price tag would be equally as impressive. Unlike other massage chairs, though, your Bodyfriend would be a statement piece and definitely an investment in style as much as it is an investment in comfort and quality. 

However, it is essential to understand that no matter how expensive the massage chair is, Bodyfriend expects you to pay for the shipping fees and any additional customs taxes that may come with the delivery of your product. So you need to bear this in mind when gauging the price. But for these extra costs you do get an additional benefit. A team of technicians will be sent along with your Bodyfriend massage chair and will be there to install and test your massage chair to ensure that it is set up perfectly for you and ready to use immediately. So when considering all the pros and cons of the pricing structure, it is actually pretty good value and you have the security of not having to go to the trouble of discovering how to set up the many features of your massage chair on your own.

Although most massage chair brands focus mainly on the massage itself, Bodyfriend is known primarily for designing stylish and sleek chairs. This can clearly be seen when viewing their complete range of models online.

Bodyfriend has created chairs such as the Lamborghini massage chair, the Iron Man massage chair, a Captain America massage chair and many more unique and customised models besides. Their chairs are definitely statement pieces that instantly become the focus of any room, as opposed to being a piece of furniture that one wants to blend in with the existing decor. You build the space around your Bodyfriend massage chair, not the other way around. 

To further highlight some of the fantastic innovation behind their chairs, the Lamborghini massage chair comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers that actually replicate the sound of the Lamborghini as you relax and succumb to the full body massage experience provided. In fact, the experience is so incredible, many spas and relaxation centers have purchased Bodyfriend massage chairs in order to have them available in their shops for the clients to rent. Prices are around $50 for 30 minutes of use, which, to be fair, is roughly the same price that you would pay for a professional massage therapist. 

Although you will definitely feel the benefits of the massage, using a Bodyfriend massage chair is all about the experience. They truly make chairs like no else and provide unique experiences for their users. 

Moreover, unlike most other massage chair brands, they also make massage chairs for children as well as adults. 

Should I buy a Bodyfriend chair?

As a result of the recent growth in demand for home massage chairs, there is an increasingly large market of different chairs now available to purchase. Bodyfriend are one of the most expensive providers out there with a top end price of around $30,000. So is this large investment worthwhile for you? Yes, Bodyfriend does provide unique and efficient massage chairs; however, you do not have to go for the most expensive one in order to have a quality experience.

Before fully committing to the purchase of one of these chairs it is advisable to first find a local spa or shop that will let you test the Bodyfriend massage chair, or even initially rent one for a massage session. This will give you the experience that you need to better determine whether or not buying a high quality Bodyfriend massage chair would be the right idea for you. For other options, you could also look among some of their cheaper models as, although they still remain somewhat expensive, they are around the same price point as other competing massage chair brands. 

Again, however, as is the case with all massage chairs, it is essential for you to take the time to test the massage chair before investing in it. In order for your massage chair to actually be worth it, you need to ensure that it is the right size for you, that it has all the settings and features that you require, that it is the right style for you, and that above all you actually find it comfortable. Not all massage chairs suit all people, and the same goes for Bodyfriend massage chairs – no matter how snazzy they might look.

Where are Bodyfriend massage chairs made? 

Although Bodyfriend massage chairs are sold around the world, and the company has multiple locations around the globe too, all the Bodyfriend chairs are currently made in South Korea. 

They have shops in France, Italy, Denmark, Korea, Vietnam, Chine, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. They also have factories in Italy and China, but their main factory and source of the company remain in South Korea. 


Bodyfriend massage chairs are, by and large, more than just massage units. They create ‘4D’ experiences that are highly sought-after all over the world. As such, when you invest in a Bodyfriend chair, you are buying a sound system and a relaxation chair all in one. It is well worth considering their range if you want more than just an occasional massage, but also a solid gaming or relaxation chair too.

Bodyfriend chairs can be expensive, but trust us – their reviews show they are more than worth it. What’s more – just take a look at them – they are truly stunning!



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