Best Massage Chair For The Money 

Best Massage Chair For The Money

Nowadays there are so many massage chairs available on the market to choose from. With all of this choice comes a wide ranging amount of prices that differs greatly between brands and types.

Some of the cheapest massage chairs out there today retail at just over $100. However, those chairs at the incredibly low end of the scale have a tendency of not working very well and breaking down after a short period of time. So it’s probably best to avoid these, there is such a thing as too cheap!

On the other hand there are plenty of more expensive, high-end massage chairs available that can last for decades and provide professional quality massages. They are of course a lot more costly, although they can be worth the money as long as you buy the best one for your needs and wants and plan to use it regularly for many years.

By it’s very nature a massage chair provides a very individual experience and this will differ from person to person. In order for you to ensure that you have the best massage chair for you, you will need to ensure that it is the correct size, both in height and width (including any separate dimensions such as the leg cavities), that it is perfectly comfortable, the right style, with suitable settings, pressures, and a heating system should you want one.

You should also think about whether you want a zero gravity massage chair, a 3D, 4D or standard massage chair and any other specialty feature that you may require. There are a lot of boxes to check in order to ensure that a massage chair is going to be the best massage chair for you. For the money invested and the regularity of use it is worth taking the time to investigate all of these factors when looking at the price and making a decision.

How much does a good massage chair cost? 

Nowadays top quality massage chairs cost anywhere from around $5,000 to around $10,000. Of course, the price you pay varies depending on the brand, the model, the settings available, the fabrics used, and any other extra features it may have. 

In order to spread the cost, plenty of massage chair companies offer financial assistance to help, as well as holding frequent sales on their products. There are a few ways of getting your ideal massage chair at a slightly lower price, and in any case, if it really is the best massage chair for you then it will absolutely be worth the money. 

What is the best massage chair for the money?

The best massage chair for the money will, of course, depend on what you’re looking for. In our professional and collective opinion, looking towards brands such as Osaki, Daiwa and Human Touch are the way to go. Slabway, however, are particularly notable for producing great quality massage chairs at prices people can feasibly afford.

What we advise is that you take a closer look through our guides and reviews across our website. Here, you’ll be able to find massage chairs that not only fit your budget, but also your massage routines and specific needs.

Is a massage chair worth the money? 

If they fit your needs and you are dedicated in it’s regular use, then massage chairs can absolutely be worth the money. 

It’s only natural for us to want to take a step back when we see the high price tag on the best quality massage chairs. It may even seem foolish to spend that amount of money on a chair, however massage chairs have been proven to have countless health benefits and, when well looked after, can last for many years and even decades. 

There are countless benefits to using massage chairs and they are now commonly used for more than just relaxation, and are often bought for healing and other health purposes. 

Here are some of the benefits of massage chairs: 

Stress relief

As you know, one of the primary reasons why people buy massage chairs is in order to use them as stress relievers. In fact, they are commonly thought of as only being relaxation tools, although we now know that they are capable of doing much more than that. Massage chairs relax muscles and improve circulation, thus promoting a more relaxed state and a healthier metabolism. 

Pain relief

Massage chairs are commonly used by athletes, manual workers, and everyday people with everyday pains, as well as more severe injuries as they are very useful for relieving pain. By relaxing and stimulating the muscles, they can help with stiffness, trapped nerves, inflammation and other conditions that cause pain. 

Blood circulation

Massages in general have proven to help with blood circulation, and that goes for massage chairs too. Good blood circulation is vital for all sorts of things but has also been proven to help with more efficient healing. 


Indeed, massage chairs have also proven to be very beneficial at promoting better and quicker healing for all kinds of wounds and injuries due to better blood circulation and stress relief. 

Better sleep quality

Due to the intense relaxation that comes with a massage, massage chairs have proven to be very beneficial for people who have some trouble sleeping or have stronger cases of insomnia. Many choose to even keep their massage chairs in the bedrooms as a means of relaxing and getting into a sleepier mood before going to bed. 

Lower blood pressure

Another effect from massage chairs is that as a result of the relaxation, they have the ability to lower the users’ blood pressure if used frequently. Generally speaking this is a good thing, however it can be dangerous for people who suffer from low blood sugar levels. Therefore it is essential to consult your doctor before using a massage chair if you do suffer from low blood pressure, and base you selection of chair accordingly.

A reduction in inflammation

Massage chairs are also commonly used to reduce inflammation around the muscles, which in turn increases relaxation and helps blood circulation. This can also help by providing pain relief from future use of these muscles and joints. 

Relaxation on demand

Of course, the main reason that most people use massage chairs is in order to relax. Our bodies react to the gentle strokes and rubbing, as well as the pulse of the vibration and the comforting heating system if available.

You’ll save money

Although it can be hard to imagine that with the high initial price it may not seem like a massage chair will save you money. But if purchased with long term use in mind, it actually can save you money. Suppose you are someone who likes or needs to frequently see a massage therapist, then you will quickly see the costs mounting up over a period of time from the high fees. Although a massage chair is a relatively big initial investment, it could end up saving you money compared to the costs incurred through these regular professional therapist sessions.

You’ll save time

Although we could all do with frequent massages, who has the time to always go to a massage therapist? One of the very best things about massage chairs is that you do not have to waste any time getting to and from them or booking and scheduling appointments. Instead, you can jump straight into your massage chair directly from your bed or after a long day’s work. You also do not have to worry about booking an appointment as the massage chair will always be ready for you. 

With this long list of benefits, it’s hard not to deduce that a good quality massage chair is worth the money.

Of course, in order for the chair to actually be worth the money, you do need to get good use out of it. There is no point in spending such a price on a chair if it is only going to serve as a clothes horse.

In order to better ensure that you will get as much use out of the massage chair as possible, you will need to take the time to ensure that it is perfectly comfortable for you, has all the settings and features that you need, and even that it is of the right style to match your home.



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