What is the Best Brand of Massage Chair?

Best Brand of Massage Chair

Recently there has been a large growth in the market for home massage chairs and as a result their are now numerous brands and models in which to choose from. The market now includes multiple well-known massage chair brands, each of which has its own wide range of quality products. The most well known massage chair brands on the market today are by Osaki, RelaxOnChair and HoMedics.

The best brand of massage chair for you will depend on your specific needs. Just like any other piece of exercise equipment, you are bound to appreciate a certain massage chair over another. Different chairs have different shapes, strengths, exercises and levels of comfort that will each better suit certain individual requirements and body shapes.

When buying a massage chair it is always better to trust your own comfort and feeling from the massage chair than to just simply search for the best or most recommended brand. It would be a mistake to spend a fortune on a quality massage chair only to find out after using it that it is not to your liking, although most chairs come equipped with limited day satisfaction guarantees.

How much is an average massage chair?

Massage chairs can range in price from anything around $1,000 to $10,000. Of course the price of each massage chair is dependent on a few factors such as: the brand, the model, the features, the design, the modifications (if any), and where it can be purchased from.

Either way, even a relatively low-cost massage chair is an investment, and it is definitely worth taking the time to ensure that you find the right one for you. Whenever possible, it is always wise to test as many massage chairs as you are able to before making your choice.

You would never buy yourself a new car without testing it first, and the same should be said for a massage chair. In order for it to work efficiently, it needs to suit you, your body shape and your body weight. That means that it very much needs to be the right size for your height and weight, and should be of a design (including the fabric) that is comfortable for you. Just as not all cars suit every driver, not all massage chairs suit every user.

Therefore, since the massage chair will cost you a significant amount, it is definitely worth taking the time and making an effort to ensure that you are investing in something that you will want to use for many years to come.

In many cases, investing more money in your massage chair is absolutely worth doing. This is because it directly affects your health and your body, so why cut corners on your relaxation and overall wellbeing with anything less than the best for you?

How much is an Osaki massage chair?

Osaki massage chairs have a reputation for being amongst the best massage chairs in the world; however, with their impressive reviews and quality products comes a relatively high price.

Osaki massage chairs can cost anything from around $2,000 to $10,000. The price of the chair depends on the model, the seller, and of course, the various features that you choose for your chair. Some examples of these features are: the back roller type (2D, 3D, or 4D), the number of auto pre-programs that are available on the chair and the massage track which, along with many other variables, contribute towards the final price of your massage chair.

It is important to remember that Osaki massage chairs are known for their high standards and that the price absolutely does reflect on the quality of the build combined with their robust build quality. Investing in an Osaki product is very highly recommended if you want to secure a top of the range model of massage chair.

How do you maintain a massage chair?

As we previously mentioned, massage chairs are a big investment. In order to ensure that your investment lasts for as long as possible, it is essential that you maintain it properly.

When it comes to properly maintaining your massage chair, the main thing is that you follow closely what the manufacturer suggests. They will be able to recommend products, placements, and key items that will help to maintain your massage chair better. However, there are a handful of general practices that you can do to protect any massage chair.

Keep your massage chair away from any direct sunlight

Not only will glaring sunlight bother you as you try to relax, but more importantly it can also damage your massage chair. If your massage chair is made of leather, then the direct sunlight will easily crack the leather. In addition to this, or if your armchair is instead made of a synthetic fabric, the color is also liable fade in direct sunlight, thus making the massage chair somewhat unsightly and lowering the value if you choose to resell it at a later date.

Avoid eating or drinking in your massage chair

Although stains are less of a problem for leather, there is still little good that can come from you eating or drinking in your massage chair. The movement of the chair when in use is a common cause of spillages, burning, staining, or even cutting the fabric of the chair or damaging the internal mechanism.

Keep your massage chair away from fire and heat

Whether it is the heat from a fireplace or from a radiator, having your massage chair too close to the heat can easily burn, crack, or damage the massage chair.

Keep pets away from your armchair

Even if your pets are used to getting on the furniture, having them near your armchair could be hazardous for the chair and maybe even the pets themselves. Your cats could use it as their new scratching posts or dogs as their new fire hydrant. It is always best to keep children as well as pets away from your massage chair whenever possible. If you have pets or children it is advisable to take some time to look at some training for them where a chair is involved.

How long will a massage chair remain in good condition?

The amount of time that your massage chair will last depends on a few different factors:

The brand

Clearly cheaper massage chairs are not likely to last as long as better quality massage chairs. If your chair has been made with lower quality materials, then it naturally will not last long. In fact, poor quality chairs have been known to last anywhere from just a few years to, frustratingly, just a few months. On the other hand, good quality chairs can last for decades.

How you maintain it

Maintenance is a key part of keeping anything running for a long time. If you do not properly maintain your massage chair, then it is bound to break sooner rather than later. The best way of ensuring the longevity of your massage chair is to take care of it, no matter the make and type of chair.

The way that you use it

No massage chair is meant to run all day, every day. That being said, a good massage chair will be with you when you need it, and for however long you require it for. However, the manufacturer will surely guide you in regard to how long the chair should be running, at what pressure, and at what frequency.

When it comes to the lifespan of your massage chair, it is as much up to you as it is to the chair itself to ensure its longevity. Your chair will last you for a very long time, decades even, as long as you do you due diligence and maintain it properly.

However, it is just as essential to remember that even the most expensive, top-quality massage chair isn’t immune to everything, and it will only remain a top-quality model if you do your small part to keep it that way. It’ll be worth the work for the amount of prolonged benefit that you will gain from it.



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