Benefits of Massage Chairs: The Lowdown

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Benefits of Massage Chairs: The Lowdown

Besides offering prospects of relaxation, massage chairs provide many other benefits. Not only are massage chairs great to unwind after a long and stressful day but the health benefits of using one can be instrumental to a happy and stress-free life.

What are some of the benefits to using a massage chair?

Our website provides extensive guides to help you choose the massage chair that is right for you. Not only can we provide you with some insights on how massage chairs can improve your health and wellbeing, our guides provide things to keep in mind and look out for when purchasing a massage chair that is tailored to your specific needs.

Relieving stress

Obviously, this should come as no surprise: massage chairs are often primarily bought by customers wishing to find ways to relieve their stress. Using a massage chair can help for muscle relaxation and can contribute to improved blood circulation which should, overall, help its user in achieve a state of relaxation. Depending on the type of massage chair, users can resort to different actions (e.g. stroking, rubbing, vibrations, heating) or programmes that can help them in their quest of stress alleviation.

Pain relief

Athletes and physical workers have often had recourse to massage chairs as a means of pain mitigation. Through the process of muscle stimulation, massage chairs can help with common problems such as muscle stiffness or trapped nerves.

Improving blood circulation

As was previously mentioned above, massage chairs can improve blood circulation through muscle stimulation. Generally speaking, this would also be true for most (if not all) massaging techniques.

Promoting healing

Improved blood circulation inevitably implies better healing: it has been proven that massage chairs promote better and quicker recovery by reducing inflammation from sore muscles. This holds true for an extensive array of wounds and injuries (e.g. fibromyalgia, neck arthritis, and even cervical spondylosis).

Helping sleep

Attaining a state of relaxation with the help of a massage (chair) can help promote ideal conditions for better sleep. Regular use of massage chairs prove to be beneficial for people who suffer from sleeping disorders, notably insomniacs.

Lowering blood pressure

Since a state of relaxation can also bear a blood pressure-lowering effect, individuals suffering from low blood sugar should imperatively consult their doctor prior to using/acquiring a massage chair. However, generally speaking, lower blood pressure is usually beneficial to most individuals.

Massages from home

Undeniably, all of the benefits mentioned above can also be perceived with any professional massage therapist. Nevertheless, massage chairs have one clear advantage: users can enjoy massages from the comfort of their own home, regardless of the time of day or night (should you be an insomniac), and regardless of the attire you’re wearing (the massage chair won’t judge you and neither will we). Whatever time, whenever you want: massage chairs win on this one.

Massage chair for back and neck 

Coming across the word massage, most people would think about their necks and backs since a lot of tension is concentrated on those areas as a result of our daily activities and/or posture. By the end of a long and stressful day, a sore neck and shoulders can lead to further problems such as trapped nerves or a stiff neck and which, ultimately, can translate into more pain and stress for the following days.

Massage chairs can provide multiple techniques for effective back and neck massages that can help achieve greater quality of sleep, as well as strengthen back and neck muscles (to make them more resilient and less prone to pain/injury). Whether you use it before going to sleep or before you start your day, there never is a bad time to sit down for a quick session in your massage chair.

Generally speaking, however, it is best to not use the massage chair every day or intensively; it is best, instead, to have a few spaced-out quality sessions to ensure that you do not damage neither your neck nor your back. 

To find a massage chair that will massage your neck as well as your back, you will need to ensure that the chair comes with massage balls (also known referred to as rollers) in and around the headrest. Massage chairs with heating systems have also proven to be very beneficial for relieving tension, reducing inflammation, and inducing relaxation. 

Massage chair for legs 

Although most of us tend to see massages as being essentially focused on our backs and necks, legs can also greatly benefit from massages. In fact, there are many benefits to leg massages: most notably, their ability to improve posture, relieve back pain, improve blood circulation, induce relaxation, or even stimulate the lymphatic system.

Athletes commonly use leg massages as a way of taking care of their legs and reducing pain from intense sporting events. They are also commonly suggested for people who are often on their feet for long periods of time, including nurses, waiters, chefs, etc. 

There are multiple things that can be attributed to the leg massage areas on massage chairs, depending on the make and model. Some modern massage chairs have separate cavities to massage each leg individually, calf rollers (heated or not), footpads, foot rollers, or even knee massagers to help relieve tension in your leg muscles.

Advanced massage chairs can come with reflexology equipment. In other words, some chairs incorporate massage balls on their footrests which follow a particular pattern and pressure to mimic the thumb and forefinger technique used by foot massage therapists. Other chairs can also come with sole massage settings which, in simpler terms, depicts a process in which air cells maintain the foot in place as massage balls in the footrest focus on a specific part of your feet (e.g. plantar arch or heel).

Best massage chair for lower back pain 

While most of us commonly experience lower back pain which can be treated by a plethora of readily-available medication, massage therapy (i.e. including massage chairs) has proven to be an alternative, highly efficient, and natural method for relieving back pain. Massage chairs providing Swedish massages, sports massages, that mimic Shiatsu, or provide deep tissue massages are especially best suited for the treatment of lower back pain.
Should your pain be severe or long-lasting, it is absolutely primordial that you consult your doctor and/or a professional massage therapist (even if you think that massage chairs are or could be of limited and temporary help). It is best to always consult a professional before first using a massage chair; only a professional can help you locate the source of the problem and provide you with the most suitable treatment and techniques to help you alleviate your pain.

Do massage chairs improve posture? 

Massage chairs are a great tool for posture improvement: relaxation of the muscles, nerves, and bones can, altogether, help our bodies in regaining and retaining a more natural form. Improved blood circulation that results from massages can also help prevent and heal injuries that are caused by poor posture.



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