Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs

The democratisation of massage chairs is well underway, as more and more people appear to be
expressing an interest in purchasing one. While massage chairs have undeniably proven to provide a
lot of benefits, their use does come with an assortment of drawbacks. This article will thus
address some of the pros and cons of owning and using a massage chair.

Pros of Using a Massage Chair

Massage chairs offer great quality massages

First and foremost, massage chairs can provide massages that some consider to be of a comparable quality to
those of a qualified professional. Obviously, better quality massage chairs might come with an
extensive array of features and settings which cheaper models might not have (e.g. different
pressure settings, heating systems). Massage chairs that provide an array of features and settings
can help create tailored massage experiences for their users, notably by allowing them to target
specific areas (e.g. arms and legs with the use of airbags) which might require greater attention.

Massage chairs are easy to use

Massage chairs can come with a great variety of settings and features which, ultimately, might
come across as overly complicated for the average consumer. However, this does not stand true:
massage chairs are fairly simple to use and they do not need an engineering degree to assemble,
operate or maintain a massage chair. However, should you still be confused as to how to use your
chair, please refer to the chair’s user manual for further guidance and useful safety tips.

Massage chairs offer instant relaxation from the comfort of your own home

One of the major advantages to owning your own massage chair is offering easy access to
massage therapy. From the comfort of your own home, massage chairs can provide you with a
relaxing experience, relieve pain and can improve your overall health. There is no better place to
unwind than at home and without having to worry about what you are wearing, or how you feel;
whenever you feel like it, walk straight to your chair for a massage that might just prove to be

Massage chairs help provide pain relief

One of the less obvious benefits of using massage chairs is for their pain relieving ability.
Massages can not only relieve weight from the muscles, bones, and nerves, they are also a great
instrument for stress relief. Massage chairs can thus help reduce inflammation and promote
better blood circulation, all of which can be beneficial to heal injuries and improve cardiovascular health.

Massage chairs are incredibly comfortable

Unlike a massage therapist’s table or chair which might not be to your liking, choosing the right
massage chair can help provide a better experience for you to unwind. Height, weight and
comfort are the top criteria you should keep in mind when buying a massage chair.

The best massage chairs have long lives

Quality massage chairs can last you for decades if they are kept well maintained and serviced.
When buying a massage chair, pay particular attention to the quality of the fabric, the features and
settings which a chair provides as well as the robustness of the motors (if possible).
Cons of Using a Massage Chair

Some massage chairs can be expensive

The main drawback of any good massage chair is the price. Good quality massage chairs can
cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Of course, this is a serious investment that needs to be
considered thoroughly before being purchased, which is why it is vital to take the time to find the
massage chair that is right for you.

Some massage chairs don’t last long

While good quality massage chairs can last for decades, the longevity of poorer quality massage
chairs can be reduced to several years, if not several months. As previously mentioned, pay
particular attention to the quality of the components as well as the reliability of the supplier before purchasing.

Massage chairs will need servicing

Massage chairs require servicing from time to time in order for them to last as long as possible.
Although you might be tempted to try this yourself, servicing must be performed
by a qualified technician (whether from a shop near you, or the manufacturer). However, not all manufacturers can guarantee servicing; even some of the more expensive brands
don’t provide maintenance services. Therefore, before buying a massage chair, it is
essential to inquire about the manufacturers ability to service your massage chair. Alternatively, a
manufacturer could refer you to a list of trusted shops or qualified professionals that can help.

Finding the right massage chair takes time and effort

Finding the right massage chair for your body and needs can take a lot of time. The perfect
massage chair should be suited to your height, weight, and comfort.
The style of the massage chair is also essential, as it will hopefully be with you for a long time
(hopefully decades). Choose a chair that matches your style and interior design; massage chairs
are expensive, so do not hesitate to take the time to try out as many chairs (especially from
different brands) as you physically can before opting for one.
Checking out online reviews can also be helpful, although the advice provided within them should
be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, opinions and expectations highly differ from one person to
the other.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Given that massage chairs are quite large pieces of machinery, one might naturally come to the
conclusion that they consume a lot of electricity (especially those which come with a lot of
features and gadgets). Considering that electricity is a highly volatile commodity as well as for
environmental purposes, it comes as no surprise that most consumers are wary of the power
consumptions levels of any new electrical equipment they may buy.
Contrary to popular belief, massage chairs are, on the whole, actually rather power efficient.
Some of the most technologically advanced and luxurious massage chairs only use about 200
watts of electricity which, in comparison, is far less than the average consumption of a
microwave. Moreover, a massage chair can easily be plugged into any outlet, making them ideal
to have in your house to satisfy your massage cravings and needs.

Benefits of massage chair pad

Although it would be ideal to have a full-sized massage chair, impediments such as space or
financial constraints can sometimes bar people from acquiring one. Massage chair pads are a
great alternative that can offer qualities that are similar to those of massage chairs; they come in
all shapes and forms, meaning you can purchase specific pads that will target specific areas (e.g.
neck, shoulders, back). Moreover, they are much cheaper than massage chairs: whereas a good
massage chair can cost anything in the thousands, a good massage chair pad can go for less
than $200.

Massage chair pads are easy to find anywhere online or in shops, and can be installed and used
without any hassle: simply put your massage chair pad wherever you want and enjoy those



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