What is the Best Brand of Massage Chair?

Best Brand of Massage Chair

Recently there has been a large growth in the market for home massage chairs and as a result their are now numerous brands and models in which to choose from. The market now includes multiple well-known massage chair brands, each of which has its own wide range of quality products. The most well known massage […]

Why Are Massage Chairs Bad?

massage chairs bad

Generally speaking, massage chairs aren’t bad. In fact, when used properly, they can do a lot of good! They are primarily used to help the user to relax, relieve tension and pressure, and to reduce pain. When used improperly, massage chairs can indeed cause pain, injuries, and other negative effects. Here are a few things […]

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity massage chairs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is primarily due to the intense relaxation experience that they offer that sets them apart from regular massage chairs – but what exactly are zero gravity massage chairs, and what can they offer you in terms of home massage therapy? Whereas […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Chairs The democratisation of massage chairs is well underway, as more and more people appear to beexpressing an interest in purchasing one. While massage chairs have undeniably proven to provide alot of benefits, their use does come with an assortment of drawbacks. This article will thusaddress some of the pros […]

Benefits of Massage Chairs: The Lowdown

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Benefits of Massage Chairs: The Lowdown Besides offering prospects of relaxation, massage chairs provide many other benefits. Not only are massage chairs great to unwind after a long and stressful day but the health benefits of using one can be instrumental to a happy and stress-free life. What are some of the benefits to using […]

Best Massage Chair for Deep Tissue 

Best Massage Chair for Deep Tissue

Best Massage Chair for Deep Tissue  With the number of massage chairs available on the market today, you can buy a chair for nearly any kind of treatment, including deep tissue massages.  As you may know, deep tissue massages are often requested as a means of dealing with the pain and effects of a bodily […]

Best Massage Chair for Elderly People 

Massage Chair for Elderly People 

If you know and love, or are indeed an older person yourself, then chances are that you are constantly seeking new ways to make day to day life more manageable. As we get older, we all tend to slow down a bit, as our bones get a little more tired. This then brings stiffness, inflammation, […]

Can I Get a Chair Massage While Pregnant? 

Chair Massage While Pregnant

As wonderful as it is, there is no denying that any pregnancy is challenging, and the need for relaxation is essential. Pregnant women are advised to stay away from stress as much as possible and to relax for both their health and that of their baby. Sadly, with all the general stress, discomfort and occasional […]

Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits? 

Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits

As you may know, massages in general have proven to be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons beyond simple relaxation. However, it is vital to note that relaxation itself has many health benefits! Massages have also proven to be useful for improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and of course relieving stress which has benefits […]